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A few months back, we published a blog talking about the upcoming launch of our Net Promotor Score (NPS) program.

Companies that value customer service have been using different ways to monitor and gauge customer satisfaction for years. From surveys in emails, written forms and even point of sale data gathering on iPads at places like service stations!

One thing is a certainty, the success of most companies in the world depends very heavily on you – the customer. As consumers we all undertake a process when choosing purchases. We shop for a product, we see a brand, we research the product then we decide to hand over our hard earned money in the process. Depending on the product, you may get instant gratification by using it for its purpose. Interestingly with an insurance product, you truly hope never to use it and when you do you expect it to fulfil your expectations. These are all important touch-points from a customer perspective.

In April, we launched our NPS program to everyone who had ever bought a policy or had a claim with Club 4X4 since the first day we started trading. This was important to give us a baseline of our performance-to-date to compare with.

Specifically in the insurance space, most insurers will have a customer service survey or metric, with most also conducting an NPS. Literature on industry level performance is readily available online, but the most recent we found can be viewed here. It would seem that the mainstream players want to measure either only at a sales level, or roll up the entire experience, with claims and sales combined. In our opinion this may skew results and truthfully, it’s just not transparent enough. We will be measuring and reporting NPS result for Sales AND Claims separately.

So how does an NPS measurement work?

The opportunity to participate in the NPS survey is via an email you will receive once you take a policy out with us, or once your claim has been finalised. The first question in the email asks you to rank the likelihood of you recommending Club 4X4. The results fall into the following groups:

9-10 – Promoters
7-8 – Neutrals
0-6 – Detractors

So to get to the overall NPS score, you subtract the proportion of “Detractors” from the proportion of “Promoters” – it’s that simple.

So how did we go??

Sales NPS


A whopping score of 88 for our inaugural NPS sales survey. 90.4 respondents were happy to promote the Club 4X4 brand and product. 7% scored in the “Neutral” category, but most importantly only 2.6% had real issues with us and stated that they would not recommend us to their friends. As little as that number is, we have spoken to those who requested to be contacted regarding their issues.

NPS Results

Our score from a claims perspective is slightly lower, coming in at 66. 77% of claimants were happy to recommend us, but 11.3% were unhappy with the service. As with sales survey, where a phone call has been requested, we’ve contacted the claimant to talk through the issues and identify future improvements.

We couldn’t be prouder of these results. To those who didn’t read the link we posted earlier, our results are significantly higher than the market. It’s difficult to think the record high in the mainstream market is a single digit figure!

So with a baseline figure of activity for the last 18 months of activity, we move onwards and upwards for the next 6 months.

Until next time, Happy Touring!


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  1. Sounds like you’ve been reading Alan Manning’s blogs. Hoping he hasn’t trademarked the slogon or did you buy a couple of his red hats!!

    Glad to see you’re undertaking this survey Kalen, and not taking it a step further and telling your customers how their scores are ‘perceived’ by the insurer. To them I say – Don’t ask the question if you don’t want to hear the answer…

  2. im with club 4×4,i havent made a claim, and i havent been contacted for any survey.So the figures might have been better still if others like me had been contacted.

  3. I have found the insurance offer,the sales and the staff members we talked to extremely helpful and I would happily recommend 4X4 insurance to all fellow enthusiasts and travelers. This insurance brand was clearly needed in the market as all genuine 4×4 personnel who have invested so much into their vehicles know that they have an insurer that stands by them with conviction. This in turn allows those amongst us to travel and experience the wonders of our great country whilst supporting many communities along the way.
    Keep up the good work and the surveys as this will only enhance the value of the future insurances for those now and who follow. Fine tuning may lead to the bases of reduced premiums over time. One never knows in business.

  4. Very happy with consultants on explaining policy.
    Received email stating my policy was soon due for renewal. Rang as added a few accessories no issues & confident that my 4WD has the best cover available ?

  5. Although we are not yet customers, we have valued your articles like this one & the PDS explained in detail etc ..
    Our email communications to yourselves have been quickly & politely answered and have never been pushy.
    We’re just making some more additions & modifications to our 4X4 & Caravan and we will be going through Club4X4 for our peace of mind policy 🙂

    Thanks guys & gals !!

  6. I tried to get a quote but you made it too hard, wanted photos from all side with objects in them detailed listing of accessories . Happy to do all this of I accept your quote but couldn’t be bothered just deleted email when I recd it and moved on. recd similar quotes from other insurance coys no issues

  7. Congrats Kalen and team!
    Great initiative, especially in the insurance sector. Hard to come across this sort of transparency. Glad to see an Aussie business that shares similiar views – definitely destined for great things.

    1. Post

      Thanks Jacob,

      We set the bar very high so even though our results blow the mainstream insurers out of the water, there is still room to improve. Thanks for your ongoing support and hope you’re using that FJ well!

      Spread the good word!


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  10. I think your call centre staff are polite and try to be hepful, but it appears you do not have enough Claims officers. I have now been waiting for a claim to be finalised for 5 weeks (they told me that the car was written off 3 weeks ago).
    If this is the level of service I am surprised that you even got 66% satisfaction for your claims. It is your attitude and promptness in paying claims that will help customers decide whether to stay with you or not.

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      Thanks so much for taking the time to provide feedback. You’re correct, we do have some resourcing issues on the claims side as well as sales. We have just added more staff to each. This i hope will help to ensure the right level of service is provided.



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