Making Insurance Great Again!

So it’s not uncommon now to hear people talking about the Club 4X4 brand. We’ve worked hard over the last couple of years to build and refine our products to be the only option for the true 4X4 Touring Enthusiast.

Along the way, we’ve been privileged enough to have some REAL feedback from people just like you. Be it on web forums, at events and shows, club talks, social media, email and even through our biggest interaction channel with our customers, the phone.

We call this feedback a privilege because quite simply, it is. Consumerism these days dictates that you “vote with your feet”. This can be very satisfying, like hanging up the phone on a telemarketer during dinner time, but you don’t get the opportunity to actually make a change and have your voice heard. Now we can understand why you would do that with a financial services institution such as an insurer. Often they’re so big that they don’t really care what the 1% think.

Club 4X4 is a club; a club you can join if you’re a 4X4 Enthusiast, where your needs for insurance coverage can finally be met. Where the big end of town won’t change for the 1%, our whole organisation was put together to take care of the 1%!!!! We’ve been very lucky in that all of you have cared enough to stop and make your voice heard, through testimonials and compliments as well as constructive criticism and suggestions. This says a lot about our community and we thank you.

Our existing customers may have noticed some surveys early in the piece to see how you were feeling about us. Combining the feedback from these surveys with thoughts gathered from all the other sources noted earlier, we have made changes, such as the re-wording of our Recovery Cover. The system works!!

The truth is, we want to be here providing valuable products to the 4X4 touring enthusiast for a long, long time. This is why we are launching our new Customer Satisfaction Index. From next Monday every new policy and renewal that gets completed will receive an email with a link to provide feedback. Likewise, all claims that are completed will also go through the same process. We’ve designed it to be quite simple and to the point, but with plenty of criteria to measure us on and provide verbatim feedback.


We encourage you to take the few minutes to tell us what you think about our brand, products and service.

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  1. All very good. What about the people who choose not to take out a policy? Surely their input would be of equal or greater value.

    1. Post
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