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Over the last few weeks we shared a piece on why you may be asked for photos of your 4X4 when getting a quote with Club 4X4. This week, we will focus on some of …

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Jul 13 2017
Club 4x4 Image

Over the last few weeks we shared a piece on why you may be asked for photos of your 4X4 when getting a quote with Club 4X4. This week, we will focus on some of the other questions we ask during the quote process.

Based on feedback from our call centre and online enquiries, we’ve focused on the questions that have perplexed you when going through the quote. So please read on: hopefully we can demystify a few things for you…

  • First name:

Asking someone’s name is always a good place to start when communicating with them – or perhaps we’re just old-fashioned?

  • Registered owner status:

This question helps determine the usage of your vehicle. Business use will increase your premium as it generally correlates to increased usage throughout the year.

  • Vehicle details (year, make, model, series):

Each vehicle type poses a risk different to the next, which results in different premiums. Some of the factors determining the rating of a certain vehicle include: theft statistics, availability and cost of parts, vehicle value, safety features, cost of repair and many more. For example, sometimes customers call when they have upgraded to a newer and more expensive vehicle and premiums decrease. A possible reason for this may be the inclusion of safety features such as Electronic Stability Control (ESC) and traction control and better availability of parts.

  • Suburb where your 4X4 is kept overnight:

This information is vital in determining premiums, because different suburbs carry different risk. There are a multitude of factors that go into risk determination based on suburb. Some examples may include flood risk, theft statistics, fire risk and remoteness.

  • Where do you park your 4X4 at night?

Your premium will change based on how your vehicle is parked overnight. A pretty straightforward one, but generally, a vehicle that is locked away in a garage while you’re dreaming is less likely to be stolen or involved in other incidents, such as hail damage. Vehicles parked in driveways, carports and on the street will incur a higher premium. Please note your individual policy in this case: for example, if your vehicle is stolen from somewhere other than where you noted, you may not be covered.

  • Does your 4X4 have any pre-existing damage?

If your vehicle is damaged, we may need to see photos of it to make an assessment on its eligibility for cover. If it is minor damage chances are it will be fine, however you may need to contribute to the cost of a future claim if we need to do repair work in that same area.

  • Did you buy it in the last 12 months?

If the answer is ‘yes’, your agreed value for the vehicle is capped at the purchase price. If the purchase price does not represent the true value, you can always give us a call and we can review this based on factors such as kilometres and condition.

  • Do you want to insure your 4X4 for market or agreed value?

This one is up to you. Market value is determined at the time of the claim, and agreed value is your locked-in sum insured for that period of cover. Just remember, this is only relevant to the value of the vehicle – your modifications are added on top with Club 4X4.

  • Are there any modifications or accessories added to your 4X4?

Around 90% of our vehicle quotes have some form of accessory or modification value included. We ask that you tally these up and add them to the vehicle value you have selected, so you are covering yourself for a full replacement of your vehicle and its extras.

  • Have you completed any off-road driver training through a Registered Off-Road Driver Training Organisation (RTO)?

We reward drivers who have completed a nationally recognised qualification through an RTO with a discount on their insurance premiums. Simply send us your certificate and save yourself some $$$!

  • Date of birth:

It’s no secret with insurance that generally, as you grow older you are less likely to be involved in a car accident. This is an important factor in determining premiums – with any insurer.

  • How many motor vehicle claims (including not at fault) has this driver made in the last 5 years?

This question links back to your duty of disclosure and, like all of the other questions, must be answered accurately. We have underwriting guidelines that will automatically determine if you are eligible for cover based on your claims history at the quote stage. So, to give an example, if you have had one at-fault claim in the last 5 years, your quoted premium will be slightly higher than having no claims. In contrast, if you have had a much higher number of at-fault or not-at-fault claims in the last 5 years, you may not receive a quote, as you will be ineligible for cover based on our underwriting guidelines. While it may be disappointing not to get cover, it is important you answer the question truthfully as this can affect your ability to make a claim. The last thing either of us want is a claim declined based on providing incorrect information.

  • In the last 5 years, have any of the drivers had a driver’s licence suspended, disqualified, cancelled or good behaviour conditions imposed on their driver’s licence?

Similar to the claims question, your licence history can affect your eligibility for cover. It’s critical to be completely honest; not doing so may affect your ability to lodge a claim for damages.

  • Driver age exclusion?

This one is pretty simple: if you exclude drivers under certain ages, you may be able to save on your premium! How good is that?

Hopefully, you now have some insight into how the information we gather is used to provide you with an accurate quote. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to share them below.

Until next time,

Happy Touring!

Club 4x4 Image
Club 4X4 Insurance