Positions Available – Sales and Service + Operations Manager

As our growth journey continues we are looking to make significant investments to secure our success into the future. The biggest of these investments is in the staff who will help deal with the increasing demand from our existing customers and the market in general.

We’ve still got a few Sales and Service positions available in our new Parramatta offices, but they are filling quickly.

If you want to be part of the most exciting Niche Insurance brand on Australia (or if you know someone who might), click below and throw your hat in the ring! Amazing benefits including support to mod your gear, access to events and shows and time for wheeling.

Imagine combining your work with your passion!

Club 4X4 Sales and Service Consultant


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Comments 10

  1. As much as I would love to do this.
    I’ll be passing it on. If this opportunity came up 20+ years ago, hell yeh.
    Fantastic opportunity to follow your dreams.

  2. Hi,
    Would the sales and service positions be based in an office or would a work from home arrangement be acceptable as I live in north Qld ?

  3. This would be the perfect opportunity (re sales and service cosultant as I already work in the 4WD aftermarket industry , however I live in Adelaide .

    1. Post
  4. If you’re ever looking towards a Hunter branch, there is plenty of room and I’ll happily take one for the team!

  5. A pity the call centre is going to be city based. Previous call centre experience with 10 years supervisory experience but I’m firmly entrenched in the Riverina but that kind of employment tied in with 4WD and travelling would be the bees knees.

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