Website Update: Glass Claim Declaration

Late last week we implemented an update in our online quoting system to attention an issue that was discovered through feedback from a number of you.

We pride ourselves on being different, continuing to offer the 4X4 enthusiast with a product that cannot be replicated anywhere else in the market. Those in the know understand the difference and one of the reasons for our weekly Campfire newsletter is to help with the education process around these differences.

Sometimes what we do differently is taken as a positive and even at times, with disbelief. Then, at other times it may come as a more negative surprise which drives a lot of chatter around the campfire and online. At the core of this is the fact that to be as different, as we are in our product offering to the market, requires different processes to the market. One of these differences is what sorts of claims we consider as part of our “Underwriting criteria”. Those who’ve not read prior posts, these are in essence the criteria we utilise to first decide whether we can, in fact, provide you with cover and, if you are accepted, what premium we will offer.

It has surprised and at times antagonised people that we consider not-at-fault and Glass claims in this criteria. Why do we use this you ask? Well, we have covered the not-at-fault claims in our earlier article which you can read here. Glass claims, on the other hand, are specific to four-wheel driving. Usually the first response to this is stating that other insurers don’t recognise a glass claim as a motor claim – this may be the case yes, but will those insurers cover a brand new Patriot Supertourer for the money that is paid to purchase one, or would they see it as a standard 79 or 200 series? In the same vein, can you insure your fast approaching classic GQ or 80 series with the mods you’ve put into it in the 20 years you’ve owned it, without having to twist their arm? I dare say not, but happy to be corrected.

Glass claims are a massive part of the expenses incurred by our brand and it should be – all of our customers love to go off-road, not a small percentage like the other insurers noted above. We are here to tailor to that enthusiast. Road trains don’t slow down and the outback highways don’t get sealed and that’s the point of our passion.

As such, we consider glass claims to be a part of our risk rating criteria – simple.

The feedback that we got was that this wasn’t clear enough – so we have now clarified the requirement to disclose Glass Claims in our system – as demonstrated below. As we have stated before, these details may be checked at the point of claim, so please ensure you abide by the Duty Of Discloser that you agree to at the start of any quote you do with us and disclose all claims that we ask for.

Thank you to everyone who kept bringing this issue up and providing us with feedback and opportunity to improve.

Happy Touring


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  1. I made a windscreen claim this year on my Club4x4 policy. I have windscreen coverage in the policy. Does this mean that this will affect my premium when my policy comes up for renewal?

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  2. I have NEVER claimed glass on any policy, even though I have been entitled to it.
    Have always hoped that IF I have a crash claim, that my insurance company will look favourably on my past record, and not screw me over!
    Wishful thinking? Maybe, but I live in hope 🙂

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      Hi Jack,

      When you need us we will definitely be there – but given the type of driver we are here for, we seem to be “being there” a whole lot more 🙂 and we don’t want to change that!


  3. i got a quote for insurance for my new bt50 from you guys and one of the questions was wether i had paid for a 4×4 driving course with a recognised training company. no where did it ask for my experience [numerous years with the cfa in vic] i think you need to ask the questions.

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  4. Sorry but the purchase of a Patriot Supertourer is more of a “look at me” exercise and nothing close to a true representation of a touring, off-roading, average Joe in Australia that has an insurance coverage issue.

    1. Sorry but the need to have a whinge about the tiniest insignificant things you find on the internet makes you a dull boy.

  5. A major issue I have with this approach is that with all my previous insurers I have voluntarily paid an additional premium to reduce the excess required for glass claims and also protect my claim/risk rating should I need to make a glass claim. You policy ignores this and then further penalises me with a higher perseived risk rating resulting in a higher premium.
    I understand you are a bussiness but insurance is supposed to protect your for those moments in life where outcomes are completely out of your control. Not penalise.

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      Thanks for the comments – we will most definitely help you at your time of need, no doubt about it.

      Comparing us to your previous insurers is fine, but what i’d like to hear is if your insurer offered the same product that we do?



      1. I think what Eric is saying above, is that you have an opportunity here Kalen to improve your product even further and make it even more irresistible to the average 4X4 owner. Like putting an extra scoop on your favorite ice cream (but you pay a bit more if you want that extra scoop). Currently I pay the extra premium for your $15,000 off road recovery and haven’t claimed yet. If I keep paying the extra premium for it and never claim, I’ll die a happy man. I think what Eric is suggesting is why not introduce a similar style extra premium for a windscreen (1 a year) and whether or not it is used it will not be seen as a “claim”. Having set up a new 4X4 insurance company, I am sure you guys are smart enough to calculate the risk and costs to premium factors for such an add on and most of us 4X4 owners can then calculate if we wish to pay the extra premium or just pay for our own replacement windscreen. Just a suggestion to consider.

  6. I’ve had three broken/cracked windscreens, all of them on tared roads, 1 on a major road and 2 of them on highways. Hardly 4X4 specific locations.

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  7. I pay additional for glass, if I claim haven’t I already paid and therefore my premium shouldn’t go up?

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