Tips For Water Storage Systems In Your 4X4 with Harry Fisher

The 4WD Adventure Show is a popular Australian television series following a group of enthusiasts as they embark on exciting off-road journeys across Australia. In this instalment, Harry Fischer, bush chef and creator of Fire …

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Jun 21 2023

Bush Chef, Harry Fischer, gives expert advice on how to store

and access your water in your 4X4 .

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket!

Water is very important when on a road trip. Ensuring you have enough water is imperative and the trick is to not put all your water in one tank! Expand your water supply, and always have a backup. Ensuring your water supply is easily accessible is important. Another reason to have a separate water supply is if you get a crack in your tank for any reason, you will have access to water.

Expanding your water supply is always smart and can be done using bladders to store your water throughout your vehicle. Bladders don’t take up too much space and are separate to the water supply from your tank. They can easily fold up when you are finished with them as well.

Accessing your water & Air

Retractable air hoses are a great way to be efficient with your water and save space. Harry has a 9-meter retractable hose fitted to his 4X4, which means there is plenty of range on the hose. Whether you need to wash the dog away from car, or fill up the kettle by the fire, retractable air hoses are the way to go!

You can watch the 4WD Adventure Show on Channel 7 or catch up on 7plus. Visit their website for more information.

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