Want to know if your 4WD has been affected by the latest round of recalls?

GoAuto.com’s Robbie Wallis recently reported the below:

“Land Rover’s Range Rover Evoque has clocked up its fourth recall this year and the fifth since August 2016, this time to rectify an issue caused by a previous recall in December 2015.

The 2015 recall related to a potential electric short caused by the routeing of the engine harness, which resulted in the fitment of a new wiring harness bracket in the engine assembly.

It has now been determined that the fix is “not durable for the life of the vehicle”, and that the wires within the engine harness protective sleeve could wear through, exposing the wires and again potentially resulting in an electrical short.

An electrical short could result in a number of failures including the engine cutting out while in motion and partial brake failure, causing significant risk to occupants and other road users.

Range Rover Evoque owners will be contacted by mail and will be requested to contact their local Jaguar Land Rover dealer for an inspection of the engine harness, and if required, a repair of the harness.

A revised extension to the existing bracket will also be fitted to ensure the correct engine harness routeing.

Previous Range Rover Evoque recalls concerned problems such as faulty airbags, electric shorts resulting in fires or engine failure, potential suspension failure and diesel fuel leakage.

Swedish car-maker Volvo has also recalled its 90 series of vehicles including the S90 sedan, V90 Cross Country high-riding wagon and XC90 large SUV over the bolts that hold in place the curtain airbag.

Due to a manufacturing error, the bolt head may detach, which means the curtain airbag is not held securely in place, decreasing its functionality.

Affecting model year 2017 vehicles, owners will be contacted by mail to have the affected bolts replaced at their local Volvo dealer at no extra cost.

It is the second airbag-related recall for the XC90 this year, after it was found in January that the airbag igniter may cause inadequate inflation in any of the driver, passenger and seat airbags.”

These are the fourth and second recalls for the above vehicles respectively, and whilst we’re glad that problems are being spotted and fixed, it’s worrying that in the case of the Evoque, this is the second fix for the same fault – it’s essentially a fix for the fix. And Volvo isn’t much better as this is the second airbag fault for the XC90 this year.

Why do you think there seems to be more and more recalls for vehicles nowadays? Are manufacturers being more accountable or are more and more shortcuts being taken in the manufacturing process? Let us know your thoughts.


This article was originally posted by Mr 4×4.

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Comments 3

  1. Because modern cars are spectacularly sophisticated and complicated. They do so much more than we ever see on the surface and if every new car was produced to Mission Mars standard (and actually that could be less challenging for several reasons) then cars would cost more than anyone could afford.
    People’s memories are short if they don’t remember the spectacular mechanical failures that cars of yesteryear were prone to due to lax design and manufacturing standards.
    My sympathies are with the car makers.

  2. I like Land Rover, having had a love hate relationship with a series 2a for 20 years.
    However i do think they have a self inflicted “death wish” mentality with their over engineering and complexity that results in user backlash.

    I wonder just how complicated they will make the new Defenders .

  3. One factor is that cars are getting more and more complex. If in the past there were say 1 fault per 10,000 parts or systems, now with the same error rate, there would be more faults.

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