Unsealed 4×4 – 50th Special Edition

Issue 050 of Unsealed 4X4 is here, and it’s a big one. To celebrate hitting the half-century, the team at Unsealed 4X4 took a day off work and found snow to drive in, not even three hours from Sydney. They take a closer look at the most modified road-legal Land Rover Defender in the country, and checked out the five best 4WD trips just 100km from Melbourne. You will simply have to check it all out.


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  1. Most people who drive diesels realise that when diesel gets cold it becomes gluggy and therefore unusable. At what temperature does this happen? Also, there is an additive sold in shops that prevents the diesel from glugging up. Is it any good?

  2. oh yeah, to answer your question the cloud point (where things go wrong) depends on the time of year you fill up at the servo, the cloud point standard changes each month and is also different in each state! You have to read the wiki link to get the full story

    1. Post

      If you click the links you will go to Unsealed 4X4 Australias most popular online 4X4 magazine – it will have plenty of what you’re after Alex!

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