How to turn a buck into over $5000 in prizes…. and donate to a worthy cause

Club 4X4 is very excited to be supporting our friends at Hope Street as part of their Drive To The Top event coming up in the next few weeks. Hope Street do great work supporting the homeless and under-privileged who are marginalised in inner city Sydney. We were so moved by the charity and the event last year that this year not only are we going to participate again as sponsors and do the 600km 3 day drive to the top of Kosciusko, but we thought we’d get our mates at ARB, Yamaha, Darche, Narva and Pat Callinan’s 4X4 Adventures involved.

So what you say? Well each one of these amazing Australian companies has made a fantastic donation towards our Drive To The Top Giveaway! So for the princely sum of just ONE DOLLAR, A BUCK, $1 you can be in the draw to win the entire prize-pack worth over $5000 all to yourself! Donate one buck 20 times? you have 20 entries!

Every single dollar goes directly to the tremendous folk at Hope Street via the Drive To The Top campaign. So you have the chance to do a great deed and a chance to turn $1 into over $5000 in prizes

Click here for your chance to win!


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Comments 2

  1. Hi
    More than happy to donate a $ a few times. But to be honest I’d rather donate one time $10 and get 10 entries instead of 10 individual donations. Maybe you can do this? It’s not clear though.

    Also more than happy to support you guys, but have a think about selecting a cause in each state each year. Ie Syd one year Melb the next etc. Again happy to donate but as I’m from Vic, would like to contribute to a Victorian charity.
    Keep up the great work.

    1. Post

      Hi time,

      Unfortunately that was something that we will need to consider for future competitions – the systems used don’t allow that at the moment

      And you’re right, we should be doing something in every state! happy to hear and have different charities put forward.


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