What About My Trailer? Why You Should Choose your Specialist Insurance Carefully

The other day I took a phone call from a long-time customer and advocate who had a question around our Off-road Recovery Cover when it came to his trailer. This particular customer was taking his well modified four-by-four, towing a caravan and touring the countryside – not an uncommon story for us. The best years of his and his wife’s lives will be spent enjoying the kids’ inheritance and I’ve lost count the number of times he has said he’s glad we came along to cover the full value of his investment.

So after I explained to him that our Off-road Recovery Cover is a financial recompense policy and as such if he was towing a trailer and needs to have that recovered too, he could do so up to the value he had nominated (in this case he had upgraded to the AU$30,000 cover) I bid him farewell to enjoy the warmth of top end and I retired back to my cold desk.

I reckon there are a couple of schools of thought out there in the consumer market when it comes to insurance. Firstly, go for the cheapest price because there’s a good chance you won’t need the product anyway and they’re all the same. Secondly, those who seek out and understand the benefits of insuring with a specialist company.

So in the case of the customer above, he came to us from an insurer who positioned themselves as being tailored for a certain age bracket. This is great, because there is likely to be some concessions and recognition or understanding of what that target market needs. This customer however, upon having spoken to us, felt that taking a policy with a company that specialises in what he does with his vehicle and trailer was the better option. He is only one of tens of thousands.

This isn’t the point though – in his case he could have left the camper trailer with the other company, but he chose not to. I think there may be a few people out there that don’t understand the clarity and transparency with which we cover you when you’re off-road (read our article regarding off-road cover here). Gazetted and non-gazetted aren’t words that come into it – they’re insurance terms. You’re covered anywhere in Australia as long as you aren’t trespassing, doing something illegal, or entering a closed track.

Now, how disappointing would it be if you had your four-by-four with us and your trailer with some other non-descript mob and you found out that the coverage we offered was different to theirs? Would you be covered on that beach? What if you were undertaking a water crossing? What happens if your tow vehicle broke down crossing the Simpson Desert and you had the four-by-four covered with Club 4X4 but the trailer elsewhere?

Club 4X4 exists not to specialise in covering trailers, or age groups of drivers or vehicles – we are not interested in being the biggest or the cheapest either. Our Company Mission is To Protect The Lifestyle of the Off-Road Touring Enthusiast – this is what we live by. 

“To protect the lifestyle of the Off-Road Touring Enthusiast” –

This is what we live by. 

So, why would you insure two items that go so well hand in hand, with two separate companies? Especially if you do use these items for their intended purpose – going off road!

If you don’t know what makes us different, give us a call – we’ll gladly talk you through the Club 4X4 difference.

Happy Touring,



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  1. My Club 4×4 insured trailer was totalled on the Plenty Highway and I was fully recompensed.
    Btw, The Simpson Dessert sounds delicious. Lol.

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      1. Review of New Caravans
        As a mature-age experienced caravanner after speaking with many other caravaner’s, it is clear that regrettably, very little credibility is given to “Reviews of New Caravans” conducted by caravan publications.
        The general opinion is that manufacturers and dealers, who advertise in the publications, never get a bad wrap-up of their products, or at the worst maybe just a couple of minor blemishes.
        Caravaner’s place no credence in the selection of the caravan to be appraised, believing that it is not just a random selection, but rather a hand-picked blue-printed unit.
        It is strongly, but respectfully, suggested that in order to gain the public’s believability of being a genuine and honest assessment, that the test personnel choose one caravan from several being offered for sale.
        Surely the two most important items to be first confirmed are that is the caravan legally Compliant and Safe?
        The most common complaint by caravan owners is that their empty caravan tare mass is much more than stated and that the coupling load is also more than stated. This means that the caravan cannot carry as much luggage as was planned, and that it may be too heavy to tow.
        The tare mass and the coupling load should be accurately and independently measured to see if they are the same as advised.
        Instead of concentrating most of the assessment on the lay-out, style, and finish of the caravan, should not the critical initial stage of the assessment be to determine if the caravan is completely Legal and Compliant? There are some excellent Compliance Check Lists available.
        The next logical inspection stage should be to confirm that everything is fitted properly and works OK. Again, there are some good pre-delivery Check Lists available.

  2. Hey Club 4X4 this is fantastic idea and a great notion. We are about to begin our lap and I recently tried to insure the whole outfit 4X4, Trailer, Quad and roof top tinny/motor with you guys for exactly the reasons outlined above, but was told this was not possible. That’s unfortunate, as I now have to have 3 separate policies with 3 separate providers offering varying degrees and types of cover. Does this mean that these items, that may become detached in an incident won’t be included in the recovery? is there anything in the pipeline to be able to do this in the future? Cheers and good luck with driving the cold desk.

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  3. Hi Kalen. Club 4×4 was my first call when i purchased my caravan to spend a couple of years traveling around Australiai towing with my fourby. I insured my caravan with nrma after being told club 4×4 would not insure me if i was living in the caravan.How can i do the big lap over a couple of years with out living in it for that period.

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      The key question is whether you have a home address you’re going back too. If you do, give us a call back and state that you’ve interacted with Kalen and he mentioned that if you have a home address then you’re good to go.


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