Traffic Notes – Road Conditions

Article from: Caravan Industry News

One of the most commonly asked questions amongst those towing is

“What is ……. Road like? Has anyone been on it recently?”

Up to date information on road conditions is available in each state, and usually comes from a part of the Government who really are there to help you.

They want all the people using their roads to be aware of the conditions and avoid the roads that are simply impassable. As always, wherever you drive, it is important to drive to the conditions and to ensure that the tyre pressure in both car and van are right for the type of road you will be driving on.

The simplest way to find out about the road conditions is by checking out the local traffic authority website.  We’ve listed the details below:



You can also check out the below link for more regional alerts.






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Comments 1

  1. Hi,
    This is a great resource and having all the links in the one place certainly makes it worthwhile to book mark for future reference. One thing that I do find is that road conditions posted by councils tend to be a bit ‘generic’ mainly reporting sealed/unsealed, open/closed, roadworks etc. A quick chat to someone that has recently driven the road can be invaluable in finding out about some of the more ‘subtle nuances’ of road conditions that the council sites don’t provide.

    Even things like being forewarned about stock on the road (dead or alive) can make the difference in having an incident free journey or having one of those “Oh My Gosh” moments as you come over the crest of a hill.

    Another great resource is the My Fire Watch Map Service

    Keep up the great work.


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