We drove both through a big hole, to see if traction trumps suspension travel…

These two four-wheel drives are both insanely capable, but in very different ways. The Fortuner is simpler, more of a point-and-shoot style four-wheel drive, which is fun for someone experienced and straightforward for someone new to four-wheel driving. The Jeep is much more advanced – with multi-terrain modes and all sorts of electro-wizardry that tricks the vehicle into eating hard terrain for breakfast. But the suspension is so rigid it not only lifts wheels like a skirt in the breeze, it certainly isn’t the most comfortable vehicle to drive over corrugations (as it bottoms out on bigger impacts).

The only way to really see which vehicle works best off-road though, was to drive them through the nastiest obstacle we could find and see which vehicle worked best. Solid axles and traction control vs all-independent suspension and traction control. Let the battle begin!

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Source : Unsealed 4×4

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