Insuring your home away from home: Accident & Breakdown Towing Allowance

By now you have probably heard all about our market leading coverage for your fourby. With tailored benefits such as off-road recovery, Australia-wide coverage, accessories cover and more – but what about insuring your home-away- from-home?

Here is our second installment focusing on our Caravan & Camper Trailer product. This week we will focus on our Accident and Breakdown Towing Allowance.

So think about it, what happens to your camper when your tow vehicle becomes undrivable due to an accident or breakdown?

Take a second to consider what your current insurance and roadside assistance policies have in place to ensure that your home-away- from-home is taken care of in the above circumstance. Who would be responsible for getting your camper transported if it has not sustained any damage? The last thing you need when you have done a tail shaft on the Anne Beadell Highway is for your insurer to come out and collect your vehicle and then tell you that you must move your camper yourself as it hasn’t sustained any damage. Sadly, this happens far too often and you may find yourself with no choice but to pay to get it relocated somewhere safe until your vehicle is assessed and repaired.

Not all insurance is the same!

Enter our market leading Accident and Breakdown Towing Allowance benefit. Under this benefit, every policy we sell comes with a $750 towing allowance to use in exactly the above circumstances! This means that if your vehicle is unable to be driven for any reason (accident OR breakdown), we will reimburse you up to $750 per policy period to have your caravan or camper trailer towed to a safe place. Take it home, take it to a caravan park, the choice is yours and you can use it all in one go or as many times as required up to the limit of $750 and a $100 excess for each claim.

Here’s an example of how it may work for you:

You have set up your camp at Fraser Island and take off for the day in your fourby to explore the island. Halfway through the day after ripping into some dunes, the temp gauge on the dash shows RED! You pull over and pop the hood to find your nightmare – a blown head gasket. After uttering a few choice expletives, you call your roadside assistance to advise them that you need to be taken to the repairer. If you are lucky (not all roadside assistance providers will leave a sealed road), they will organise a recovery from the island onto the mainland and tow you to the repairer. If not, you will need to organise and pay for the recovery yourself and meet them on the mainland to be towed (remember if your vehicle is insured with Club 4X4 you can call on your off-road recovery benefit and get reimbursed for some or all of this recovery). But what about your camper sitting at the campsite waiting for your return? If it is insured with Club 4X4 (regardless of whether the tow vehicle is with us or not) you know that you have a $750 towing allowance to organise the recovery of your camper and then call us for a reimbursement.

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Comments 3

  1. I am a bit confused by the off-road recovery, for my 4wd.. what happens if break down occurs on the road? No cover except my roadside assistance provider or opt for your 50km cover..
    Why no cover taylored to travellers many miles from a town? I hope you can understand what I am getting at.

    1. Post

      Hi Greg,

      Yes you’re correct. If your breakdown occurs on the road then you’re reliant on your roadside assistance provider.

      Also, keep your eyes peeled – we are working on something alleviate this problem!


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