Top off-road campers from Brisbane’s National 4X4 Show

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The National 4×4 Outdoors Show took over the Brisbane Showgrounds recently, showcasing thousands of products in one spot. Camping gear, fishing gear, caravans, tents, new model four-wheel drives, aftermarket accessories and more. When it came to off-road campers especially, the Brisbane show really nailed it.

So without further ado, here are my top five off-road campers from the National 4×4 Outdoors Show in Brisbane.Advertisement

1. Ironman Canopy Camper Deluxe

Ironman Alu-Cab Canopy Camper Deluxe © Ironman

Why I want one

The Ironman Alu-Cab Canopy Camper Deluxe was designed as a hybrid touring solution that provides the living quarters of a camper but with the lightweight storage benefits of a canopy. I climbed right into this one at the show and had a good look around. I was pretty impressed that I could stand up tall in the camper once the rooftop tent was popped up. 

There is plenty of storage space in the back and you can mount a spare wheel without any need for after-market products. Also, I’m a sucker for any product that doesn’t require towing.

2. Air OPUS OP4

Why I want one

The Air OPUS OP4 is Opus’s family-sized offering and after watching how easy it is to set up at a live demonstration at the National 4×4 show in Brisbane, I was in love with these off-road campers. The canopy and annexe virtually set themselves up with the touch of a button. They also seem to have done a fantastic job balancing luxury with off-road capabilities without going overboard. 

3. Offtrax Feenix

The Offtrax Feenix © Offtrax

Why I want one

The Offtrax Feenix is everything you want in a camper trailer without any gimmicks and loaded with lots of practical features. Designed and manufactured in Queensland, Offtrax believes in quality over quantity. I’ve very pleased to note they have no interest in mass production.Advertisement

I loved the Feenix for its off-road capabilities and abundance of storage. There is a generous 2500L of storage capacity over nine separate compartments.

4. Hardkorr Overlander GT

Hardkorr Overlander GT © Hardkorr Campers

Why I want one

Hardkorr’s Overlander GT is a full-sized camper that can easily sleep a family of six in comfort. A camper with this much room won’t be needed by all, but for those that do need it, Hardkorr has done an amazing job at ensuring everything is taken care of. The camper features a huge deluxe kitchen and even an optional ensuite tent. This camper has an impressive list of off-road capabilities and once set up, it’s literally a home away from home.

5. X3 Patriot Camper

Why I want one

Patriot Campers’ X3 is just the right mix of off-road ability and luxury. The indoor living space has some great features such as internal access to the fridge and an optional pop-up power box. Those who don’t function well before their morning caffeine fix will be excited to hear that your Nespresso machine can have a home in the optional pop-up cafe.

With an easy setup, a fully functional kitchen with extra bench space, and off-road features such as X-Cruise independent suspension, it’s no surprise that the X2 won the 2020 Best Camper Trailer of the Year.

Did you catch these off-road campers at the show?

If you didn’t manage to catch these awesome off-road campers at the Brisbane National 4×4 show, make sure to check out these remaining caravan and camping expos in 2022.

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