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Everyone would be familiar with the Selfie photo and apart from smartphones having a specific lens set-up to make “taking a selfie” simple, there are all sorts of products available to make taking a selfie, …

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Oct 27 2022

Everyone would be familiar with the Selfie photo and apart from smartphones having a specific lens set-up to make “taking a selfie” simple, there are all sorts of products available to make taking a selfie, that much better.

You either like it or you don’t but I am sure that everyone at some stage has been asked to be part of a selfie photo.

Well I guess the original selfie was performed by simply placing a camera on a stand like a tripod, composing the image, setting the timer and running to be included in the image. The photographer can create quite a spectacle of himself as the image capture sometimes takes place as they are running back to the group. There is one thing important to creating this image. It will unite your group and provide an image that for some people, might be the most important image of them in years.

Whenever we are on a photoshoot, I try to ensure that we capture a team photo for everyone to enjoy. Some people might not be interested at the time, but I can guarantee you that in the future, they will be grateful that the image was actually captured. We call it a team shot.

This image might be of all the cast and it might be of the cast and crew, but to me this is a moment I can easily capture which is priceless. It has the potential of being a very special photo for some of these people as, who knows where they will be tomorrow. Peoples lives change, their careers evolve and this image has the potential of raising a smile many years later.

This image also speaks from the photographer. It’s a gift which will be appreciated by even the person who at the time didn’t want their photo captured. This is your opportunity to do something special for all of those around you who have been helping you capture imagery on maybe the trip you are all on. So make the photograph special, make it count. How do we do this?

This moment that you create needs to say something about where the people are, but the people are most important part of the image. The location always should be secondary to the people in the photograph. So choose a great location, or moment.

Gather the people and try not to get frustrated with anyone who just doesn’t want to be involved. There will always be someone who is a little negative, so keep telling yourself they will love the result of the final image. Be prepared.

Have your camera and tripod… or selfie stick if that’s how you want to capture this. Prepare in your mind the visual look of what you are trying to achieve. Set the exposure on your camera. I guess just simply put… be prepared. Balance the image.

Remember this… You are probably not coming back here again with all of these people, so be prepared to make changes to where everyone is standing in the image. You will most likely need to move people about to help balance the image. Remembering, you are not coming back. People hide.

You might find someone is lost in the background, so simply invite them to move forward and be part of the image. Make them feel it is important they re-positioned. Find a place for you.

Now you might actually not want to be part of the image, but the people you have spent all this time travelling with sure would like you to be included. So make sure there is a spot for you in the planned image capture. Make it fun.

So grab the standard image of people in this scene, however try to add a little spark to the image by encouraging a little fun. A cheer, a celebration etc, will bring out a little life to the image. Add their pride and joy.

If you are travelling in a group with a bunch of 4WDers, its probably important for their vehicle set-ups to be somewhat included in the image. So this might be an option which I am sure that everyone will appreciate. Watch out for shadows.

If the light is coming in from the side, you may find some people will be difficult to see in the image as they are covered in someone else’s shadow. Have fun with it and don’t stress.

I know this is a lot to remember, but I can assure you that everyone in the image will appreciate your efforts. This is your time to shine. Make the effort and make every photograph count. Most importantly, have fun while remembering this will be an extremely important photograph for most of these people involved in it, so it’s worth the trouble.

“Cheers”-Michael Ellem

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