TESTED: Atlas 46 Yorktown Tool Roll

Article from: Pat Callinan’s 4X4 Adventures

If you’re looking for an effective way to keep your tools organised and stored safely in one place, look no further than the Yorktown Tool Roll from Atlas 46.

One thing that bugged me for years was the way I stored my tools. I had one fairly large canvas bag, with everything thrown into it. Finding a small spanner usually meant either upending it all and tipping out the contents, not ideal in the mud or sand, or painfully working my way through the mess.

What a mess! The old tool bag really didn’t cut it

So, one lazy Sunday, I went in search of a solution, and I reckon I found a beauty, too: the Atlas 46 Yorktown Tool Roll.

Upending my old tool bag for the final time, I was actually left wondering how much I could really fit into the new roll, so out came the camera…

This haul of tools fits neatly into the Yorktown Tool Roll

The Cordura fabric is tough and seems to be very resistant to abrasion and abuse, while remaining supple and lightweight. I deliberately dragged my roll over my driveway, and saw only minor scuffing. The stitching appears to be high quality, and the zips (the trusted YKK brand) are a good size and run well. The Velcro is firmly stitched into the fabric (no chance of tearing it off with the opening flap!) and the pockets are a very handy size for the various tools. I had no problem placing my tools in, and the good thing is they don’t disappear into a worm hole that requires Go Go Gadget fingers to retrieve.

Quality YKK zips are easy to grab

I like the fact that it is two rolls incorporated into one. The back has pockets for spanners and hand tools and the flip-side has four medium zip pockets and one large one for larger items. I managed to fit a standard large breaker bar and large shifter into one of the medium pockets, along with ring spanners and screwdrivers, with no issues. In the others, I threw in things like files, sockets, more screwdrivers, a hub socket, long sockets, tape, metal repairer (for radiator and tanks), screws, nuts and bolts, and all the other things you can see pictured. With some experimenting, I found that I could reduce the diameter of the roll, once rolled up, with a little smart placement.

A place for everything and everything in its place

Another good feature is the way you can pull, one-handed, on the tensioning straps while it is all laid out on the ground, and the whole thing rolls itself into a little bag; just join the clips together, and voila – she’s ready to throw into the rig.

The Yorktown Tool Roll ready to be chucked in the back of the 4×4

Atlas 46 has done a fantastic job in designing this roll. You can tell it has taken the time to make sure every element is carefully thought out and executed. It may not be the cheapest tool roll out there with prices starting from $189, but it is easily justified when you consider the features, construction and the fact it will probably last you a lifetime. It is an absolute cracker, and a very welcome addition to my off-road essentials. I would have no problems at all recommending this for your very own travel kit.

This review was written by Scott Mason for Pat Callinan’s 4×4 Adventures magazine. See the original here.

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Comments 5

  1. Hi Scott, I’m a fitter by trade and I can tell you that the people who told or sold these dog bag’s to you saw you coming , if your prepared to pay $189 and above for that rag then good luck to you sir, my dog roll is water proof, and doesn’t fall apart with age, if you would like, go have a look in bunning’s, I think you’ll get a surprise what they have for a third of the price my friend………Rick

    1. Post
  2. I agree with Ricky Dow, I’m also a fitter and am amazed at the gadgets some guys have because they’re the “latest, greatest and most expensive must haves” panhandled through 4WD outlets

  3. @ Ricky Dow
    Whilst I can respect that this maybe isn’t for you, I hope that you can respect that the equivalent you found at Bunnings might not be for everyone.

    It may be that Atlas 46 actually has a very good reputation for making quality gear.

    It may be that person would prefer made in the USA rather than made in China.

    It might be that they like the slightly tacti-cool look.

    These things might not be for you and no one is saying that they are.

    Live and let live 🙂

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