Not using your Camper Trailer or Caravan right now – 5 ways to manage the cost of that insurance

As Kalen alluded to in his article last week, insurance is a safety net that may be all the more important for you if you find yourself in financial difficulties. History has also shown that in these sorts of circumstances (challenging economic conditions), there can be increases in theft driven by the same challenges. If you don’t have your asset adequately insured, you are risking losing it completely and being challenged with never being able to replace it. 

I know that’s easy to say, and for many of us the hard reality is that we need to reduce our spend to make sure that we get through what lays ahead, and right now most of us are not using our vans or trailers.

 For that reason, I’m going to share a number of ways you can manage your Caravan or Camper Trailer premium.  Think of it as finding the line to walk between reducing cost, but maintaining cover.

  1. Choose a ‘Laid-up Cover’ option – Given your caravan or camper trailer is likely sitting at home right now, why not take up the Laid-Up cover option?  Sure, it limits coverage for fire, theft, malicious damage and storm only to the address listed on your policy, but it will also reduce your premium.  With Club 4X4, you can choose up to 2 consecutive seasons per year to reduce your cover for a lower premium.
  2. Consider paying annually – If you can afford to pay annually instead of monthly, you could save a pretty penny on your policy.
  3. Bring the 4WD over too – If you hold 2 or more policies with us, you’ll save up to 10%.  And we apply that discount to both assets, not just the additional one!
  4. Find your towing training certificate – If you or someone that tows your off-road caravan or camper trailer has completed towing training through a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), we’ll give you up to 10% off your trailer or van premium.
  5. Conduct a policy health check – Depending on when you last spoke to us, your personal situation could have changed, and there might be things that can affect your premium.  Perhaps you no longer carry that boat and boat loader as part of your setup and can reduce the sum insured?  Maybe you’ve changed address and not updated us?  By talking to us and checking all the details we have are accurate, there could be some additional ways to save.

We are always looking at ways to ensure we are meeting the needs of our customers, and in the strange state of affairs we are currently in, this is more important than ever.  Please be assured that we are here to help any way we possibly can.


If you have a questions, please feel free to reach out here, on the phone (we’re all here!) on 1800 CLUB 4X4 (258 249) or send us an email at

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Comments 6

  1. Hi team
    My partner has a 4×4 car insurance policy with you and is it any cheaper to pay that policy annually instead of monthly? Like the caravans?

  2. If we have just renewed our policies can we amend them to include 3 months ‘laid up cover ‘ or is it too late. Thanks Louise

    1. Louise,

      Ordinarily we only allow it at the start of or at renewal. In light of the current circumstances, in a measure to help our customers we are allowing it to be added mid-term.

      Give us a call or send us an email at


  3. Hi,
    With the current situation, I don’t look like using my camper for the foreseeable future.
    How can I reduce my premium while the camper is parked in the shed at home?

    1. Post

      G’day Lloyd,

      Easy – the best thing is to take the laid up cover option, which will provide immediate premium relief. We can add that for you. There might be some other things like I eluded to in the article – the best thing is to call us and the team can help you. Or, if you want to email me direct at with your contact number, I’ll have someone reach out.


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