Save 15% on Navigator Gear

There’s a reasonably new Camping and Caravanning storage brand on the market, and we’ve managed to score The Campfire readers 15% off.

Started by Marketing and Promotion legend Mark Sedran when he realised that no-one was catering to the storage needs of Carvanners and Campers, Navigator offers a range of cool and innovative storage products for the modern day traveller.

I’ve personally used a range of their gear at The Big Red Bash earlier this year. Travelling with the kids I found the seat storage buddies and the associated kids storage buddy very useful for holding everything from Ipads to drawing books and pencils. The great thing was that the kids could get to everything themselves, without someone climbing over to help them.

I also used the bin buddy and the Laundry buddy, both of which will pack flat when not in use. The Laundry buddy was perfect for us – we sat it in the Tvan and the best thing is you can carry it with you to go do the washing. No more dirty clothes pile!

The bin buddy is similar, but was great for keeping the flies off your garbage – a much better way of managing your garbage than my traditional ‘tie a garbage bag off the awning’ approach! The other good thing is it is a bit harder for the wildlife to mess with at that ungodly hour in the morning when you’d rather be sleeping than creeping out of bed to scare it off and clean up the mess.

I think the wine buddies and jar buddies are genius! You can now bring your favourite bottle of wine or sauce without worrying so much about breakages!

And if you have the luxury of a microwave, the plate cover will make sure the turntable doesn’t get scratched bouncing around.

Even their nowhere chair was comfy. If you think the design is familiar, then you’d be right – it is based on one of the best selling camp chairs made, and I can tell you it comes out of the same factory, and it has a wine glass holder built in. There’s also a kids version too.

My 10 cents

Not every piece of navigator gear will appeal to you, but that is the beauty of what these guys have done. They have a brilliant range of gear, some which will appeal as a Caravanner, and other gear that is more practical for Camping!

To save, simply visit the Navigator Shop and enter the code Club4x4

Navigator gear is also available Nationally through ARB stores

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