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One of the many great aspects of working at Club 4X4 is the fact that everyone receives accredited 4WD training with Getabout Training; a couple of weeks ago it was my turn. Man, what a great way to spend a Friday! We spent the morning nailing the theory, and in the afternoon the real fun started where we got to put all that theory into practice.

No avid 4-wheel drive enthusiast should miss this course, no matter how experienced you think you may be, I can guarantee there will always something new to learn. I myself have always had a love for the outdoors which means I have had to do plenty of off-road driving to get to epic places that you just can’t reach without getting off the blacktop. As such I thought I knew a fair bit about 4-wheel driving already, but this course gave me some good tips and tricks to launch into all those gnarly bits , safely and with more confidence.

As you may have heard, the team at Getabout are offering Club 4X4 customers a special discounted rate of 10% off off-road driver training and 5% off towing training courses. Should you be interested in undertaking one of their off-road driver training courses, simply get in touch with the team at Getabout or Tow Ed and give them your policy number when making a booking! What’s more, for those who have completed an accredited 4WD course,  Club 4X4 also offers a 10% discount, all you need to do is provide us with evidence of your accredited training and we will discount your premium! Too easy.

Alright, enough chatter lets get into the details of the course.

I was sent a pre-reading 4WD guidebook to read before the course started, it was very informative and ensured that everyone had the same basic knowledge. I personally found the pre-reading 4WD guidebook excellent, and even at the pre-reading stage, I learnt a lot about topics that I didn’t even know that I didn’t know about.

A group of 6 of us and our instructor Tim met at 8:30 am in Marrangaroo on the day of the course. (It was very cold if I may add). We jumped straight into the theory, addressing topics covered in the pre-reading 4wd guidebook. It was evident that Tim knew 4wding inside and out and he was very passionate about what he imparted to us. Tim answered all our burning questions during this session and explained topics in more detail where we weren’t 100% confident or sure on.

The theoretical element of the course was split into 4 main areas:

  1. Explaining how 4-wheel drives work,
  2. Driving techniques for various off-road conditions (dirt road driving, mud driving, rock driving, sand driving, water crossings, hill driving)
  3. Recovery techniques – Getting yourself out of trouble when things go wrong
  4. Trip management – Trip preparation, managing the trip, people fatigue & the environment, navigation, tyre repair, in an emergency.

The theory is an essential part of any course, but for me (and I’m sure most others), I mostly enjoyed putting all the theory into practice with some driving during the second half of the day.  Some tracks seemed daunting to start with, but after some input from the instructor I couldn’t wipe the smile from my face, but most importantly I was equipped with the knowledge to tackle the tracks safely.

My only complaint is that the day was over too quickly. It would have been great to have one additional day to really solidify everything that I had learnt.

Overall the course was fantastic and provided a great blend of theory and practice. By the conclusion of the day, I was feeling much more confident driving off-road. If you are planning on doing some 4WD touring (or already doing lots of touring), I cannot recommend this course enough. All you need is a 4WD vehicle with lo-range capability.



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  1. I can’t recommend this type of training highly enough. I started in 4×4’s 60 years ago, then did 2 terms driving all manner of multi-drive vehicles with the Australian Army, including recovery, advanced, defensive and aggressive driver training. I learned a lot back then that I’ve put into practice over the journey, then I did a 4×4 training course at Anglesea proving ground about 20 years ago where I was able to brush-up on things and must admit I was a little surprised as to how far 4×4’s had developed. I turn 73 this year and currently drive a modified D40 doing solo trips. What I’ve learned from both the training and experience has allowed me to (A) be safe and (B) help others in strife. If I hadn’t done the training I seriously doubt I would still be enjoying 4x4ing and maybe I wouldn’t even be here. Do it, then get out there and enjoy our beautiful country.

    1. Wow
      I hope I meet you on the tracks.
      I generally travel solo with lots of recovery gear,
      hf radio, sat phone and of course uhf radio.
      Remote area work identifies vehicle and operator issues.
      Spares and tools can not be underestimated.
      Cheers Michael

  2. hi guys can you please send me some info about your accredited 4×4 courses , including location and prices please.
    cheers Mitch

    1. Post

      Hi Mitch,

      Feel free to call the team at Getabout Training on 1300 660 320 – let them know Club 4X4 sent you 🙂


    2. Best to provide your location a well, but is the email or pop onto for the website which includes all courses and locations.
      If its easier call toll free on 1300 660 320

      I am a Getabout provider based in Cairns and cover Townsville to Mackay, and many other North Queensland areas

  3. As part of my job as a noxious weeds officer driving a 4×4 was compulsory. I therefore underwent a two day training course with the DPI. It started with theory and then recovery techniques. The second day was Forrest driving creek crossing and steep terrain. This would have to be one of the most beneficial training courses I had ever took part in.

  4. At Toyota Land Cruiser club Victoria
    We do 3 hrs of theory on a Tuesday night with a slide show and then a full Saturday and half a Sunday of training which is undertaken on our club property which is 380 acres in Yarck. It is 4WD Victoria acredited and run by trained volunteers who love 4wding

  5. Hi Chantal,
    I have done a 4wd course – proficiency plus with Vic 4wd. As I live in Melbourne. Will this entitle me to a discount?

    1. Post


      If it is provided by a Registered Training Organisation and is a nationally recognised qualification then yes you will be covered.


    1. Post
  6. Hi guys,
    My Landcruiser is currently insured with you and I’m about to take delivery of a camper trailer which will also be insured with you.
    Can you confirm that the “Basic 4WD Training” and “Towing” courses offered by the NSW TLCC qualify for the discount on my policies? NSW TLCC is a Registered Training Organisation (see
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Justin,
      Very cool – what camper did you choose?

      Yes they will qualify, as long as they are delivered by an RTO. Once you’ve completed training and received your certificate, give us a call and send through the certificate and we’ll apply the discount. You get a discount on the 4WD policy for the 4WD training and one on the camper for the towing training. And the good news is the discount has just increased!

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