Roll-over Wrangler, Bronco is Bucking

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With a massive touch of nostalgia, Ford are on track to release the new 2020 Bronco. And that’s not all!

While sources have been tight-lipped, we now know that Ford are planning for a family of off-road vehicles to stand alongside the Bronco. First in line is a more compact SUV dubbed the ‘Baby Bronco’ with the official name yet to be released. Ford usually release their vehicles the year prior to the stated model year, so a 2020 Bronco could be seen in dealerships in the USA this year, pushing the ‘foal of Bronco’ even closer. A test mule with modified Ranger body on the new underpinnings for mechanical proving has been spotted in the USA too.

The second vehicle release is likely to be the two-door Bronco, featuring a boxy shape not too far removed from the 30-year old namesake. A four-door variant has been spoken about by Ford execs to follow. With a size and history aiming it squarely at Jeep’s Wrangler market, and with removable doors and hardtop, Jeep should be concerned. Ford are aiming to build a “simple and authentic” off-road vehicle, and intimated they are aiming more at the high-speed off-road performance in the vein of the Raptor variants with a focus on fun driving for the lifestyle off-road driver rather than the serious rock-crawling Wrangler Rubicon end of the market. Land Rover better pay close attention too … previous Broncos concepts have been remarkably close to some restyled Defender concepts.

We can expect independent front suspension and a solid axle rear based on the Ranger’s T6 platform with a tall ride height and large wheel arches, ideal for tyre up-sizing.

While emissions restrictions essentially preclude the 5.0-litre V8 petrol engines of the O. J. Simpson era Bronco, the Ranger Raptor powertrain in a lighter vehicle would be a good match for a smaller Aussie touring wagon such as the four-door version. You can guarantee there’ll be heaps of aftermarket gear made for the new Bronco in the USA too!

Would you choose a Bronco over a Wrangler? Or how about a Jimny or next-generation Defender?



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  1. if that’s what it will look like, does any body remember the old international scouts, that’s what it looks like.

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