Rhinomax has designed the ultimate dustproof door

Article from RV Daily.

Heading into the outback for a crowd-free adventure is always a good idea. In fact, I crossed the dusty expanse of Queensland’s outback four times last year. I also spent four amazing (but dusty) weeks camping in the Red Centre of the Northern Territory. I’ve experienced enough red dust in my food and bed to last a lifetime.

Thankfully, you can now get a camper for that problem! Rhinomax Campers on the Sunshine Coast has designed and manufactured an entry door that promises 100% dust proofing!

Describing the idea as a submarine-like hatch design, Rhinomax has constructed the door from the same composite material as the body panels.  The 100% dustproof seal is achieved by two vice-action locks that hold a rubber seal in place and actively pull it in to maintain the compressive force required to keep the dust out. This high-quality rubber seal runs around the perimeter of the door on the inside of the hinges so that it remains unbroken with no weak points. 

Check out the Rhinomax entry door video below to see how it works

I definitely need one of these to head out to the Birdsville Races this year! The new door design also features a sliding window in the upper section with both an insect screen and a block out blind.  

Most of Rhinomax’s new hybrids will have this dustproof door fitted as the majority are now running lithium power systems and induction, rather than gas cooktops. Every hybrid built received a thorough dust test during the quality assurance process to ensure the process has achieved 100% dust proofing.

Watch the Rhinomax dust challenge below

Watch how each and every camper is tested

Dust proofing your ute? That’s a whole other story!

About Rhinomax

Rhinomax Campers in Queensland build premium off-road campers designed to get you off the track and into the outback. They are 100% manufactured in Australia utilising the best materials (including 100% Australian steel) and are built completely within the walls of their workshops on the Sunshine Coast.

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