Recipe: Yabbies in Herb Butter

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Summer’s here for a little longer yet, and nothing beats cooking fresh food on an open fire after a day behind the wheel with your family or mates. Try out this recipe from Pat Callinan’s Recipes from the RoadGlovebox Guide book, which is full of mouth-watering and practical touring recipes.

Serves 4

TIME 20 mins


24 raw yabby tails, peeled
1/2 block butter (125g)
1 clove garlic
1 tablespoon finely chopped onion or shallots
1 tablespoon mixed dried herbs
200ml thickened cream (optional)
salt and pepper


Remove the tails, discarding the heads/thorax. Peel off the shells to leave just the tail meat. Set aside.
In a large pan over gas flame or coals, melt the butter and saute the onion and garlic until soft and golden. Sitr in the herbs and season with salt and pepper.
At this point, you can also add the cream if you prefer creamy sauce.
Add the yabby tails and cook until the tails go darker pink/red in colour and become coated with the sauce.
Serve as an entree with a toothpick in each tail, or serve on a bed of boiled rice with the sauce poured over.

PAT’S TIP: The most delicious fish I’ve ever cooked was Coral Trout, caught off Weipa on Cape York. If you can bag one of these (they live on the reefs just offshore) try and cook it in such a way that the sweet natural flavours permeate through.

Take this and plenty more recipes out on the road, and get your own copy of Pat’s recipe book HERE. Also, let us know your favourite campfire recipes in the comments section below!

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  1. “Yabbies” are a very diverse range of small range animals. It’d be very easy to make a species become extinct very quickly with over fishing. Lots are protected for good reason. Taking over 20 of a certain type would decimate their populations. Some take years to be of breeding age and need special conditions like a certain type of tree.
    Then there’s ignorant use of “yabby traps” drowning any air breathing animal like freshwater turtles, platypus, water rats.
    Addressing neither of these is very irresponsible on your part and represents your ethics on our fragile bushland very badly especially while trail advocacy is always shrinking. You’re shooting us all in the foot here.
    Hope you address these issues.

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