Who would have thought that a can of ale could enhance Australia’s favourite bird?

Drunken chicken indeed.


1-1.4kg chicken

1 can of beer

1 tablespoon each of chicken stock powder, dried mixed herbs, garlic powder and onion powder

4 bay leaves

1 rasher smoked bacon

A long metal skewer

Olive oil spray

Deep camp oven or hooded barbecue


Rinse the chicken and dry well, remove giblets (if any) and
carefully loosen the skin over the breast and thighs. Slide in the four bay leaves.

Mix together the all the powdered herbs. Give the chicken a light spray of the olive oil; then sprinkle over the seasoning mix, coating really well.

Drink half of the can of beer, making sure the ring pull is sitting straight up.

Drape the bacon rasher over the top so it hangs down either side, cutting a slit in the top so the ring pull is exposed and holds the bacon in place.

Push the chicken down over the can, until it is even with the chicken’s bottom opening and the chicken can be propped like a tripod with the can and its legs.

Place the chicken, sitting upright, in a deep camp oven and concentrate the coals around the outer edge and lid – not underneath – to attain a medium heat.

If cooking in a barbecue, make sure there is no heat/burner ring directly under the chicken (only around it). The idea is to cook the chicken slowly for around 90 minutes, checking for burning.

Once the chicken is cooked, carefully lift it off the can using tongs (leaving the can behind). It will be VERY HOT, so go carefully. Serve with vegetables or salad.

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