Club 4X4 Testimonial – Greg M

Greg recently gave us the following feedback upon insuring his Outback van with us:

Club 4X4 Reviews
Mar 13 2021

Club 4X4 made the process of insuring my outback van simple and stress free. All facets of the policy was explained clearly so I had no problems in understanding what I was insured for, and the coverage is excellent. Especially seeing it is Australia wide and there is no extra if I journey off the tar. Thoroughly recommend Club 4X4. Both occasions that I had contacted Club 4X4 were very comfortable. My concerns were answered clearly and alleviated any concerns I had. Both consultants were knowledgeable and made the process easy. Will be back in contact when my 4X4 is up for renewal.

Thanks for the great feedback Greg!

Club 4X4 Reviews