Partnership with Ford Australia

Club 4X4 partners with Ford Australia    

Club 4X4 is proud to announce a 2-year strategic partnership with Ford Australia.  The partnership will see Club 4X4 updating its fleet with a number of vehicles provided by Ford Australia, including 2019 models of both a Ranger Raptor and Everest Trend.

“We are very proud that a business with the market position and experience of Ford has decided to partner with us. This is living testament to the impact Club 4X4 is having on the 4WD industry and represents a coming of age for the brand” said Kalen Ziflian, General Manager Club 4X4.

Aiden Frost, Marketing Manager for Club 4X4 said that he was excited by the opportunities that the new vehicles will bring. “The Ranger Raptor has created a great niche market and the Everest presents a well packaged traditional touring wagon.  We can’t wait to get out there with the new vehicles and put them through their paces.”

Damion Smy, Product Communications Manager at Ford Australia was excited by the partnership.  “We’re quite selective about who we work with, but Club 4X4 have demonstrated a strong alignment with our Brand and Values. We are excited about the opportunity to work together and push the boundaries of what is possible.”

You’ll be able to check out the vehicles at the Adelaide and Perth 4WD shows, as well as a number of smaller events across the year.  You can also follow Club 4X4’s weekly newsletter, ‘The Campfire’ which will include updates on the build of the vehicles, as well as long term reviews and updates.

To signup for The Campfire, visit

For enquiries, please contact Aiden Frost – Marketing Manager, Club 4X4 on or 0459 918 840

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