Nissan Armada Mountain Patrol Revealed

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You may remember a few weeks ago we got some sneaky conceptual images of the Nissan concept that was to be released at the Overland Expo West in the US this week. Well it’s happened – here is the Nissan Armada Mountain Patrol revealed in all its glory.


The conceptual images of the Mountain Patrol and it’s build were thrown up onto social media, with Nissan fans asked to give suggestions on components, looks, colours and tyres. We’re not going to lie, the end result is actually a rather mean looking bit of kit, for a Y62 Patrol. Without further ado, here’s what Nissan and their fans have come up with.


The final Mountain Patrol revealed to punters got a 6-inch lift from Calmini, paired with Icon Vehicle Dynamics coilovers. A set of 35-inch Nitto Trail Grappler’s wrapped around 17-inch Icon Rebound wheels in bronze have looked after the rolling hardware and they’ve also mounted a set of Calmini front and rear bars for protection. Baja Desings supplied the spotties mounted to the Rhino-Rack ‘Backbone’ system providing the Pioneer roof tray, as well as a Batwing 270-degree awning while Cascadia Vehicle Tents provided the roof-topper. ARB offered up the twin air compressor, drawers, and there’s also a Dometic fridge inside, and a Factor55 winch up the front for recoveries.


They’ve left the 5.6L V8 petrol donk alone, however have thrown a MagnaFlow cat-back exhaust system on it to get it growling like an eight should. With 390 hp, 394 lb-ft, and an 8,500-pound towing capacity, Nissan Chief Marketing Manager Brandon White claims the Armada “is an ideal starting place to build an authentic overlanding vehicle.”


Fair enough, it’s only going to be toured to various different outdoor expos and shows in the US, however it offers up a pretty good platform of ideas for folks Down Under who are looking to beef up the stock Y62 to try to pull some of the soccer mum looks out of it.

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  1. Isn’t this comical with the reports on Police cracking down on vehicles with aftermarket 50/75+mm lift kits making them unsafe and that out of the factory comes a 150+ mm lift and also larger tyres. Could this be registered in Aust???

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