Next Gen Ford Ranger Testing Regime

Ford have released a new video with the Ranger chief engineer, John Willems discussing the testing regime being undertaken for the highly anticipated next generation ute.

To date, the testing being undertaken on the new model, which Ford promises to be the most toughest, most versatile, and capable Ranger ever has clocked up over 1.8 million km’s.

Next Gen Ranger undergoing off-road testing…

Of this, over 10,000km have been driven testing in Desert conditions, and 650,000km have been in rugged off-road environments at maximum payload.

The vehicles have also be subject to extreme weather and temperature testing around the globe given the vehicle will be sold all around the world.

Ranger undergoing extreme cold testing

We’d love to know – what are you hoping to see in the next Gen Ranger?

You can check out the video below.

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Comments 13

    1. Don’t think a V8 is the go but electric engine that can deliver its own power similar to diesel electric engines running now Until we have enough power in our full electric engines.

  1. Fully electric with a portable generator at the front. How is that?
    Coming from a Tesla I feel current cars/trucks are pretty boring.

  2. Big motor. 1500kg load capacity for cab chassis and extracab chassis. Front traction control NOT disabling when the rear diff lock is engaged. Catch can and second fuel filter standard. Bigger fuel tank.

    1. Post

      G’day John,

      A top list. Not sure if you know, but Traction control on the Ranger front axle remains on with the rear diff lock engaged already!

  3. re Robs comment regards 2017 ranger i have had two rangers 2013 and current vehicle 2019 cannot fault either 3.2 five cylinder engine is excellant i tow a caravan all up weight 5.98 tons no mods to truck . both rangers only used to tow caravan appox. 84000 kms on 2013 model approx 32000 on 2019 model damn covid

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