News: Changes to Certificate of Insurance

Recently we have been receiving feedback about the way our Certificate of Insurance sets out the sum insured for your 4×4.

It seems the total sum insured wasn’t clear; with a separate vehicle value and accessory/modification value being noted. “How do I know exactly what I am insured for and that you are going to pay both of them out if the vehicle is written off” is what most of our customers kept telling us.

We understand why we’ve been getting the feedback, because we would be questioning it too! Which other insurer takes your nominated value for modifications and accessories, then ads it to the value of the vehicle to give you your total sum insured? It’s too good to be true!

Well It IS true and we listened and we adjusted!!!

All of our new Certificates Of Insurance specify your Vehicle Sum Insured, the Accessories and Modifications Value as nominated by you, then a Total Sum Insured which ads both of those values together. See below for an example:


Sum Insured


Does your insurer listen to your feedback and adjust their processes like that???

Just another way that Club 4X4 is incomparable insurance for the 4X4 Enthusiast!



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