New Merchandise winners

G’day guys,

We had nearly 400 entries from readers looking to win a merchandise pack. This made it very hard to judge because there were so many great entries! I really wanted to send something out to everyone, although unfortunately this is simply not possible right now.

I’ve chosen what I think are 5 deserving winners.  Please see below, including their entry.


Winners of prize packs are below, along with their entry.

  1. D. Bird   – ‘Just before opening this email my wife sent me some photos she just received of my son (900km away in Sydney as he moved away for an apprenticeship) with his Pop and Uncle. He is on his L’s, he loves 4x4ing and the bush as we do at home here. Recently with his life savings from working from a young age (now being 16), he purchased his very first vehicle, being a Fzj80 LandCruiser. The photos just received are them up a muddy track in the bush. The smiles say it all If I won this pack, I would give it to him to say well done for everything you have achieved. I’m very proud of him.’
  2. S. Evans‘Cause I’m a really nice guy. Honestly, I am. For example, when I buy toilet paper I only buy what I need, not a years supply in one go. You’re welcome. 🙂
  3. J. Maybury – ‘Reckon I deserve one for a couple reasons, which I will detail here;
    1. I can stand on my head for 3 seconds unassisted.
    2. I appreciate a good lie-down.
    3. My kids say that I’m the coolest dude ever.’
  4. S. Grainger – ‘So when my insurance is due this will remind me to give you a call instead of just paying my current insurance’  No excuse now Mr Grainger!
  5. J. Tanner‘It’s for my husband. He deserves it after giving up his holidays to fight fires over the Xmas break.’

We’ll be in contact very shortly with all of the winners to arrange to send your packs. 

Thanks to everyone that entered! 


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