More electric vehicles being used in the mines

Article from: Pat Callinan’s 4X4 Adventures

You may remember a story we did nigh on 12 months ago with Voltra rolling out fully electric vehicles in the mines. The first lot went to the BHP Olympic Dam fleet as a trial, and it would seem it has passed with flying colours. You’ll see the Voltra e-LV (electric light vehicle) in action below.

It now seems that more and more electric vehicles are being used in both open cut and underground mining operations, with the first of many electric LandCruisers arriving at GB Auto’s workshop in Orange. The vehicles come from a partnership with Tembo 4×4 e-LV, to design and build EVs for use in underground mining environments.

The new Tembo 4X4 e-LV LandCruiser getting prepped at GB Auto in Orange.

There is continual pressure on the environmental risks of running diesel engines underground, especially health risks to miners. The obvious answer to these issues is the implementation of electric vehicles. Despite many (us included) questioning the usefulness of current-generation electric vehicles for towing three-tonne caravans across the countryside, it would appear that they are quite capable within the mining industry.

As investment into EVs continues, infrastructure will increase, the technology will get better, and in turn, hopefully the range while towing three tonnes of caravan will increase. Time will tell. At least for the moment, the investment is continuing unabated into electric vehicles in the mines.

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Comments 5

  1. Rivian and Tesla truck will tow your house straight off their foundations and across the state line idd suggest you guys start prepping PDS to insure the rollout post 2021

  2. Still doesn’t help with remote travel and no one can tell me what happens when you go bonnet deep in the wet season

  3. Essentially nothing will happen when you drive through water – the electrical system is sealed, batteries and motors may be liquid cooled through a heat exchanger/radiator.

    The only real thing that makes EV’s unsuitable for long distance travel is battery density (range) and charging infrastructure – less important if range is good

    Electric Motors are simpler, more powerful, and more efficient than IC engines, one moving part and pretty much no maintenance.

  4. Please check out Via motors in america. Retired CEO of GM has done a deal with VIA Motors and GM to supply Via with Silvarado’s with a V6 diesel and via install a generator and battery gear.
    would make for an interesting story to see what there up to now.

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