More details released on the 2022 Ford Ranger

We’re yet to see the details of model variants and engines, but Ford has released further detail this week surrounding the Next-gen Ranger, which we expect will be available sometime around the middle of 2022.

Here’s the key stuff you might be interested in specifically for offroading:

Space for a dual battery under the bonnet

This has now been confirmed, with an optional kit available (although it may not be offered on all models).  No further details available yet.

Improved coverage from the tubliner

This is a big leap forward, with protection from the standard tubliner now covering the top of the tailgate and sides of the tub.  Finally, not more worrying about scratching the paint throwing the swag into the back of the tray!

Optional Switchbank (Wildtrak models only)

This is a clever addition, and even makes it easier to wire up your accessories by simply running cables into the fuse box rather than adding switches to the vehicle. To start with, it looks like it is only being offered on the Wildtrak model, although we hope it will be available in all variants…

More internal Storage Space

Ford have found a way to make more space for storing stuff under the rear seats and also added additional cupholders too.  With a family I can say this is very welcome because without a Canopy, there isn’t a lot of room to store backpacks or other items you want to keep safe with 2 little people in the back seat.

More considerate of mods

Ford have realised how much people customise their vehicle, and its great to see a manufacturer embrace this.  They have done things like ensure their next-gen roller shutter can still support adding a set of racks or a rooftop tent and still function properly.  They have built in strategic attachment points to make it easier to add and customise the rear cargo tray.  They’ve made it easier to access the tub with a rear step too.

Given the partnership with ARB, the other great thing is that if you buy your ARB accessories at the same time as your vehicle, they will get covered by the factory 5 year, unlimited km warranty, which is a great benefit for you as a customer.  No doubt more manufacturers will follow…

Any ARB accessories purchased through Ford with your vehicle are covered by their 5 yr, unlimited km warranty!

What would you like to know about the Ranger?

Information is slowly getting released by Ford, but we’d love to know – what is the key thing you are burning to know when it comes to the new model?

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  1. Are Ford going to develop their own fuel feed system or are they going to rely on the poor Volkswagen system that comes with their V6?

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