Mini-Raptor with 3500KG towing capacity?

Last week Ford announced a new FX4 Max. They’ve been releasing new models, almost every month in recent times, but this time they might have nailed it.

The FX4 Max is like a mini-Raptor. With Fox 2.0 shocks all round, including remote res in the rear, 32″ BFG All-terrain tyres, a 26mm wider wheel track, and 20mm suspension lift over the Ranger XLT, the ride height is 31mm higher than an XLT from the fatory.

Big deal you say. Well it kind of is given that this ute remains leaf sprung in the rear, and therefore maintains a 981KG Payload, and a 3500KG towing capacity.

Effectively this means you are getting a far more capable off-road vehicle, without sacrificing payload or towing capacity, the key criticism of the Raptor.

If that’s not enough, the FX4 Max also comes with its own switch bank, taken from the F-series trucks in the US, which allows easier connection and management of aftermarket accessories.

If looking good while doing it is your thing, then the styling changes, including front grill, miniature flares, custom interior, and hoop style side steps will ensure that you are noticed.

The FX4 will exclusively be powered by the 2.0L Bi-turbo, which we’ve got in both our vehicles, and which is performing strongly to date.

The manufacturer list price is $65,490, which is a premium of $5,000 over the XLT double cab bi-turbo variant. Given the upgrades vs the XLT, that’s pretty good value in our opinion…

Expect the FX4 Max to be in showrooms closer to Christmas. We’ll do our best to get our hands on one and put it against the Raptor to see how it goes…

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Comments 4

  1. Sorry, disagree with analogy on ranger being able to tow 3.5 ton and have a load carrying capacity of 980kg, 2ltr dual cab as shown has a kerb weight of approx 2060kg, a GCM of 6000kg, so add a bull bar & tow bar approx 60kg, 2 adults 160 kg, tow hitch weight of 180 – 200 kg on 3.5 ton, (I have been kind as it can be up to 10%)= 400kg +, plus kerb weight weight of 2060 = 2460kg add tow weight of 3,500 kg you are at max GCM with no kids, luggage, camp equipment etc.

    1. Post

      Hi Kerry,
      This is a good point, and not one I was trying to hide from. In most modern vehicles, GCM is not equal to GVM + payload, which creates the issue you are talking about. They are not the sum of their parts unfortunately.

  2. I am really looking forward to how long these underpowered 4 cylinder 4 wd last before an engine rebuild seeing as you have to ring the neck out of them especially when towing big weights. The one thing I have noticed since the 4 cyclinders have dominated the market is damage to some of the tracks don’t know if it’s the driver or their rev range

    1. Post

      Only time will tell Luke! I can say that so far the 2.0L in our Everest and Raptor are up to the task, and we definitely drive them harder than most people. If they have the ability for 300,000km remains to be seen though…

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