Mercedes X-Class V6 Pricing Revealed

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After a long awaited release and announcement, we now have the Mercedes X-Class V6 Pricing revealed. With two new models the new X-Class X350d will produce 190kW of power at 3400rpm and 550Nm of torque between 1400-3200rpm.


Being offered up in two trim levels, the entry-level Progressive and top-end Power, you will be paying a premium against every other mid-sized dual cab ute on the market. The Progressive is slated to start at $73,720 plus on-roads, with the Power to start at $79,415.

For an ‘entry level’ ute (we use this term loosely – it is a Mercedes Benz after all – they’re not known for their ‘arm-strong’ windows or vinyl floors), the Progressive is priced at a rather steep $17,730 more than the ‘entry-level’ V6 VW Amarok.


Looking at the other side of the trim levels, the Power, at $79,415, is $4,425 more than the new Ford Ranger Raptor; although the X-Class V6 has a lot more grunt.

Pitting the new V6 X350d against the already on-sale X250d you’re looking at an increase in 50kW of power and 100Nm of torque, as well as a price increase of $8,770 from the Power model of the X250d to the base model Progressive X350d.

It is also worth noting for the ‘but it’s just a re-badged Nissan’ crowd, that with the new Mercedes built V6, this model is about as far from a Narvara we’re going to see, with the X-Class having a completely redesigned body, and only sharing the frame platform between vehicles. The Australian-delivered X350d will also ride 20mm higher than it’s European counterparts, retaining the coil rear-end, one-tonne payload, and 3500kg towing capacity. Oh, and there is also the 7-speed auto fitted up to the Mercedes 4MATIC all-wheel drive system slated for the V6 model.


So now we’ve had the Mercedes X-Class V6 pricing revealed, is it enough to pull punters away from the only mid-sized ute in its power class, the VW Amarok? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Mercedes-Benz X-Class X350d pricing (plus on-road costs):

X350d Progressive                  $73,270

X350d Power                          $79,415

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Comments 8

  1. Totally agree with Shane, we keep paying these ridiculous prices, so the car manufacturers keep putting them up!!! We need to start saying NO.
    The question should also be asked why are we still paying Luxury Car Tax?

  2. Watch this space. Although not a fleet option they will sell a few. Just look at the caravan market as an example. The “Gotta have it and keep up with the Joneses ” crowd will buy one however I don’t see the average punter or even the upper middle class 4×4 pundant taking 80k of Benz ute through the Simpson Desert or towing the family Vicount to their favourite community caravan park. Seems they might have to back some very popular 4×4 documentary maker to get it off ground?

    The only work I see this ute doing is delivery empty French Champagne bottles to the Point Piper recycle station but I guess you will turn heads doing it.

  3. I agree it is way to expensive for my taste
    I can no see many of these up the river fishing with a load of wood for the campfire

  4. I just wish they would have produced a basic G Wagon without all the unnecessary fruit like woodgrain etc a long time ago. It would have been a Land Rover Defender killer before Land Rover killed it off themselves. Unfortunately, due to the lack of affordability in this country, there is virtually no second-hand market in them.
    Search for and read Otto’s Story to see what the basic form of this vehicle is capable of.

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