Introducing Member Yarns

Over the years we’ve really enjoyed bringing you different articles on our products, our travels, reviews on products and lots more. The stats tell us that everyone has really been enjoying our weekly EDM and the articles within them, so in a lightbulb moment we thought to ourselves – well who better to create the content we all love than the people who enjoy reading it – YOU!

With border restrictions easing and summer upon us, hopefully all of us are planning to get out there and safely start to enjoy our big brown land again! So how would you like to get yourself a $250 fuel card simply by sharing your adventures with us for us to then share onto our audience? Or details of your latest build, something you’ve been researching and think others should know about.  Your imagination is the limit here. 

You’ll be surprised how many people see this newsletter for a humble little insurance agency, so you could get or extend your insta-fame and cover some of your fuel bill for your adventures!

So what are we looking for?

  • Min 1000 words, edited as best as possible (we will help do the final cut and interact with you as part of the process)
  • At least 4 high quality images. More is fine, focus on the vehicle, the location, the journey and the destination. More than happy to see you and your friends or family in the shots!

Put it all together and send it on to and pop in Member Yarns and your policy number in the title and if you get selected we will be touch! 

Nothing will be used or posted without your express consent.



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