Meet Yamaha’s middle child: The new 2200iS Inverter Generator

The Yamaha 2200iS has been launched offering a grunty option that’s perfect for four-wheelers looking for more juice out of their generator. Here’s everything you need to know. By Josh NeedsArticle by Unsealed 4X4 An …

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Nov 27 2019

The Yamaha 2200iS has been launched offering a grunty option that’s perfect for four-wheelers looking for more juice out of their generator. Here’s everything you need to know.

By Josh NeedsArticle by Unsealed 4X4

An inverter generator is an often-overlooked 4WD accessory that’s overshadowed by the common go-to of a dual battery, 12V set-up. For outback tourers and the off-road vanners, generators are incredibly handy bits of kit and the latest-generation units are just about whisper-quiet when running. The downfall of most high-capacity generators is that they are often too large and heavy to be easily packed into your 4WD or van.

Yamaha’s new 2200iS Inverter Generator, with an inbuilt inverter provides both 12V and 240V power, is designed as a portable unit with enough grunt to power your off-grid needs

We got our hands on a pre-production model of Yamaha’s 2200iS Inverter Generator as a few of us headed out on an overnight photo shoot. With a couple of stock 4WD’s (read no auxiliary 12V power), and an off-road caravan we thought it was ideal to see what this genny is all about.

Yamaha 2200iSThe 2200iS uses a Yamaha MZV-22i 79cc motor, and fits between the 2000iS and 2400iS. Yamaha reckons the 2200iS is perfect when you need some backup power and maybe some creature comforts, but don’t have a lot of room to spare.

The EF2200iS comes with three power outputs, two AC plugs and a DC 12V cigarette lighter-style output as well. A multi-function display means you can keep an eye on the load, along with a boost-mode button and economy switch so you can control how your generator runs. When it is running, while we didn’t check it with a noise meter, Yamaha claims it’s in the range of 57-65dBA, which, in layman’s terms, is about the same as background conversation noise. In fact, Yamaha reckons you won’t even notice it’s on, it’s that quiet and, in our testing of the 2200iS we’d have to agree.

The three-handle design means the 2200iS is nice and portable and can be moved around camp, loaded or unloaded into a vehicle, by one strong person but preferably by two people as it weighs 25kg without fuel. It measures 555mm x 300mm x 470mm.

Like the three handles, another clever feature is the drain switch that allows you to drain the carburettor for storage, meaning you won’t have stale fuel festering in the thing. With all the switches and starter-pull being flush with the body, there’s minimal chance you’ll bump or knock the thing when loading or unloading it.

In our testing, the 2200iS was easy to start and kicked over first time every time. You just switch on the fuel, turn it to start, pull out the choke, then tug the starter cord and you’re away.

Boasting a long run time of 10.5 hours when running at one-quarter load, the 2200iS sips at its fuel. And, thanks to its Smart Throttle it’ll constantly adjust itself to suit the load which means it’s not using more fuel than it needs to. If you do overload the generator, there’s a handy reset button (just hold it down for three seconds), which means you won’t have to completely restart the generator. And if you need more power then the 2200iS offers Yamaha’s Twin Tech parallel function which allows you to connect two 2200iS generators to thump out a combined 30Amps.

Yamaha offers a four-year warranty for the EF2200iS with prices for the EF2200iS starting at $2299. For more information visit:

Initial test / Our thoughtsOn our overnighter the Yamaha was a more than capable source of power, charging our various camera batteries, phones and laptops throughout the afternoon into the evening. Yamaha’s central claim about the 2200iS is that it is powerful enough to run an off-road caravan’s air-conditioning unit. The test caravan we had on the shoot was an Ezytrail Campers Ceduna Off-road Caravan that had a Dometic FJ2200 air-conditioner.

Check out our test of the 2200iS with an off-road caravan

If you’ve watched the video, you’ll have seen the 2200iS had no problems running the A/C, the lights, charged our batteries and charged the van’s on-board batteries.

I could manage carrying this generator by myself, but the design of the handles made it easier to carry with two of us. Having it plonked 30 odd metres away it didn’t overpower our campfire ramblings however the serenity was disturbed running it for about four hours. When we switched it off for the night it was still sitting at about half a tank of fuel.

Its shape and size made it easy to fit into the front storage compartment of the caravan; tied down via the handles. At the end of the day it charged up everything that we needed charged.

Pros• Inverter generator with both 12V and 240V outlets;• Simple, easy operation;• Quiet while running in economy mode;• Being able to drain the carby, means no stale fuel when the generator is stored for long periods of time; and• Portable, easy to carry and store in the 4WD or van

Cons• No matter how quiet it is, if you’re camping in a popular spot others may not appreciate the serenity being disturbed; and• Potential of petrol fumes when stored in the back of the 4WD


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