Making It Down Big Red

Maybe it’s an age thing. But don’t you think it’s funny that there is always someone trying to drive up a sand dune? – with Big Red it’s a bit of a right of passage and some people take ages backing down, getting guided and trying to get back up again and again until they reach the top. Then, there are those who you see sliding down the dune – not in their vehicles hopefully – but usually on a body board or some sort of mat.

Either way the positive is you’re getting out there and enjoying nature. This year we wanted to bring along something to help the little ones (or the young at heart) to enjoy Big Red too. So Leo will be packing a limited number of Club 4X4 toboggans to use to get down Big Red! Unlike the snowfields in Victoria, tobogganing isn’t banned on Big Red so we’re good to go!

If you miss out, never fear because we’ve got a stack of stickers and “slap bands” to keep the little ones happy.

If you’re interested, make a bee-line to the Club 4X4 stand the day the event opens – they will go quick so get it early!

Happy Touring



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