Introducing Rigs & Rolls – Cars and Coffee for 4WDers

Today I’d like to introduce a concept that has been on the cards for some time here at Club 4X4 HQ which we’ve finally been able to bring to fruition with the help of some amazing friends from the NSW & ACT 4WD Association, Crossed up 4X4 Club and the Toyota Landcruiser Club of Australia; Rigs and Rolls – Cars and Coffee for Four Wheel Drivers!

As a father of young children with a relatively busy lifestyle, AND as an all-things-motoring enthusiast; I rarely have the time to enjoy any of these enthusiasms in any form. I’m sure I’m not alone here and can sense all you guys and gals nodding in agreement.

One thing I do try to enjoy monthly as a minimum is attend a short “cars and coffee” meet. These can be at night, in the morning and anywhere in between and they’re usually run by a club or enthusiast groups. Traditionally these “meets” have been centred around a genre of vehicle; Muscle, European etc. For me, it means a nice drive with my kids, a bite to eat and a coffee or drink, a chance to be around likely minded enthusiasts and take in some cool rides. My two young daughters get a chance to spend some quality time with dad, dad gets to enjoy a variation of his enthusiasm and we all go home happy – everyone wins!

One thing I’ve noticed more and more of lately is that when I do attend these events, there will be a handful of really clean fourbies parked up as displays (and a lot more in the car park!). So it got me thinking, why isn’t the same concept available for four wheel drivers? We are members of the motoring enthusiast community after all! We love our trucks and take good care of them; we invest tonnes of money into personalising them and they are our pride and joy. So why wouldn’t the same concept apply for a four wheel driver?

Rigs and Rolls is going to provide four-wheel-drivers a spot to park their rigs in the display, not in the carpark! A spot for you all to come and spend a few hours with like-minded enthusiasts, have a chat, maybe a bite to eat and have a chance at winning a trophy for your rig! A chance to win prizes as part of a raffle and contribute to a relevant charity in exchange for a small entry fee!

So for those of you that like me, don’t have the time or resources to get away as regularly as you’d like – make the time to get out to Rigs and Rolls.

Details are below, but those who utilise Facebook, please respond to the Facebook Event at this link!

Date: 16th February

Location: Sydney Dragway – Ferrers Road Eastern Creek NSW

Time – 9am-12noon

Entry Fee (to display vehicle only) – $10 (all proceeds go to charity)

Raffle tickets for prizes available on the day

See you there!


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  1. Hope you are able to organize a few of these events around the country and not just in the capital cities.
    Look forward to hearing about other events

    1. Post

      G’day Ron,

      It is certainly the intent!

      Where would you like to see one? We’ve had tremendous assistance from our partners with this one, so we’d look for groups across the country to assist also


  2. Would be great to see this happen up in Townsville. There are two local clubs in Townsville and another one an hour away in Charters Towers that would probably be interested.

    1. Post
    1. Post
  3. When are events like this and others going to be organized for my part of the planet, being North Queensland. Talk about the poor country cousin. With every second vehicle on the road around here a 4×4 there must be sufficient support to run such events or amalgamate it with Outdoor and Leisure events run here regularly. Thanks. Lonely countryside cousin.

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    1. Hi Steve,

      That isn’t the intent – apologies if it felt like that. We will make more of an effort to make the information available in other places too, but Facebook does give us the opportunity for people to respond with whether they are coming or not – an important tool for us in planning our first event as far as logistics and food/drink, toilets etc. We will take this feedback on board to provide more options for how to keep up to date outside of Facebook in future.

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