You’ve worked hard to build your 4X4 and love the adventures it takes you on, so why risk it when it comes to choosing an insurer? Club 4X4 was created with you in mind and offers the following benefits.
  • Off-Road Recovery

    As part of your policy you have up to $1500 coverage towards the cost of recovering your vehicle. Larger coverage amounts available*

  • Australia wide coverage for your touring gear

    As part of your policy you have up to $2000 coverage for accidental loss or damage to your personal effects – anywhere in Australia, even if it’s not in your car at the time! Larger coverage amounts available*

  • Coverage anywhere in Australia

    That’s right we’ve said it – anywhere!*

  • Vehicle hire cover

    Does your insurer know how much it costs to rent a 4×4? Club4x4 offers up to $180 a day for 21 days if your rig is stolen. Additional coverage for accident coverage available*

  • Full coverage for your accessories and modifications

    We understand what it takes to go touring. We will cover your rig!*

  • Essential repairs

    We understand that your rig might cost more to get driveable in an emergency which is why we cover up to $1000 in emergency repairs to keep you going*

  • Multi policy discount

    We will extend this to you, if you insure your caravan, camper trailer or slide on once you’ve insured your rig.*

  • A free 12 month subscription to Pat Callinan’s 4x4 Adventures Magazine.

    What’s the point of being covered anywhere in Australia if you don’t know where to go?*

* Subject to terms, conditions and exclusions. Please read the PDS before making any decisions on this insurance.