Insurance for 4X4 Enthusiasts (like Jase and Simon)

Back in Black is a pretty special build, and that's one of the reasons Jase chose Club 4X4 to insure it. In fact, the mods and accessories value alone is nearly 3 times the purchase price when new...

You're probably not going to put that much into your 4X4, but that doesn't make it any less special, or less deserving of Comprehensive 4X4 Coverage.

A policy from Club 4X4 provides you the following benefits:

  • Australia Wide Cover

    Our 4X4 insurance will cover you on and off-road anywhere in Australia, as long as you are legally allowed to be there. Gazetted, non-gazetted, private property, beaches, National Parks and more.

  • Cover for your Mods and Accessories

    Whether you've spent a few thousand dollars on mods and accessories, or thrown everything but the kitchen sink onto your 4X4, Club 4X4 specialises in covering mods and accessories. Back in Black is a perfect example!

  • Off-road Recovery Cover

    Every Club 4X4 four wheel drive policy comes standard with up to $1,500.00 of off-road recovery cover. This can be used to help get you back to the tarmac if you get stuck off-road and need a tow. You can increase the coverage if you are going to be exploring more remote places.

More Information

For more detailed information on our 4X4 Insurance, please read the Product Disclosure Statement

Jason and Simon are employed by All 4 Adventure which is sponsored by Club 4x4. The vehicles driven by Jason and Simon as featured in season 12 of All 4 Adventure are insured by Club 4X4 insurance which is issued by Hollard, AFSL 241436. Terms, conditions, and excesses apply. Read the PDS before deciding on this product.