How you and your mates could save a further 5% on your policy

Getting an additional 5% off your Club 4X4 insurance policy is as easy as being a member of a 4WD club;  Well, almost! There is a little bit more to it, but stay with me – lets talk about why first!

Why we support clubs

At Club 4X4, we appreciate clubs and their role in scene.  We advertise with many, support their key events and activities and sometimes make time to get out and have a yarn at their meetings. Why?  Because clubs give people the opportunity to meet like-minded people, share knowledge and skills, and advocate for responsible four wheel driving. Many drivers don’t understand the impact that they have on the environment or the consequences for the rest of us when they fail to minimise their footprint, so we are very passionate about this.

How it works

The ‘little bit more to it’ mentioned above is that we need to establish a relationship with your Club and some processes for the discount to be applied. The good news is that it doesn’t take long to work through.  Once setup, as a member all you need to do is visit an online portal and request a call back at a day and time and that suits you.

Clubs we are already working with

Below is a list of some of the clubs we already have arrangements with.  If your club is not on this list, you and your club mates can get access to the discount by getting your club president to email with their details.

List of Clubs already able to access the discount.

All Wheel Drive Club of Sydney
Amarok Club of Victoria
Central Coast 4WD Club Inc
Crossed Up 4X4 Club Inc
Full Flex 4WD Club of WA
Manning Great Lakes 4WD Club
Outback 4WD Club Inc
Queensland Jeepers Club Inc
Sydney Districts 4×4 Club
South Gippsland 4X4 Camping and Caravan Club Inc
Southern Tablelands 4WD Club
Triple Diamond 4WD Club
Toyota Landcruiser Club NSW
Toyota Landcruiser Club of Victoria
Wesley College 4X4 Club
Western Patrol Club
Responsible & Technical 4WD Club
Toyota Landcruiser Club of Australia (SA)
Nissan 4X4 Club of Victoria

 Happy Touring!




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Comments 7

  1. Hi Aiden,
    I get the discount for 4×4 clubs, particularly the ‘share knowledge and skills……….’
    So most people towing their tortoise shells, are also forby drivers.
    So what a about the same deal for caravan and camper clubs. I am guessing that shared towing skills would save a lot of towing accidents, therefore warranting the same discount as 4×4 clubs at least.

  2. Hello Kalen,
    It’s Brian Bulner from Darwin.(existing member/Land Rover owner)I am organizing a LR owners get together for the 20/7/19 at my fishing base. (see If you are in Darwin at that time, you are welcome to visit and present Club 4×4 to those present. Look forward to your reply.

    1. G’day Brian,

      Mate thanks so much for the link and the invite. I would love to consider this for a future visit, who could say no to some muddy up in the top end?

      Send over some pics!


  3. As a 4×4 club member and a caravan / trailer owner does the discount offered include the 4×4 plus the caravan plus the off-road trailer?

    1. Post
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