How to do Fraser in a Week

Our mates Jamie Hazeldon and Jillaroo Jess from the Offroad Adventure Show have travelled wide and far. And they’ve just shared a video with us on how they’d tackle a week on Fraser Island.

You can also check out the itinerary which is summarised below.


Day 1

Inskip Point

Manta Ray Barge to Fraser Island

Lake Birrabeen

Camp – Central Station

Day 2

Eli Creek

Maheno Wreck

Camp – Dundubara

Day 3

Red Canyon

The Pinnacles

Knifeblade Sandblow

Eli Creek

Camp Dundubara

Day 4

Indian Head

Champagne Pools

Camp – Waddy Point

Day 5

Ngkala Rocks

Sandy Cape


Day 6

Lake Mckenzie

Kingfisher Resort

Day 7

Barge to Hervey Bay

What’s your favourite spot on Fraser Island?

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