Holden Colorado Chosen As New Police Divisional Van

The Holden Colorado has been called up to be the new police divisional van for Victoria Police. Holden will supply 290 Colorado’s to be used as their replacement for the current Holden Commodore ‘divvy van’.


More often referred to as a ‘Paddy Wagon’ in New South Wales and Queensland, the new vans will be rolled out with 250 being two-door 4X2 Colorados used in the metropolitan area, an additional 40 will be based on the 4X4 four-door platform for country areas.

The 4X4 version will also be equipped with a bull-bar, spotlights, light bar and winch for use off-road. Alternatively, the 4X2 version will have greater ground clearance “to improve visibility and create a better vantage point for police whilst patrolling the streets”.


Both will include a custom designed and built rear pod, which features a secure two-person transport module with a built in 360-degree-view camera. The new rear pods will also feature air conditioning for the comfort of the persons being transported in the back – which has been on the cards for the new police divisional van especially considering the recent spate of heatwaves throughout Victoria over the past few years.


“Holden’s Australian engineers have worked collaboratively with Victorian Police to create a vehicle that is not only designed specifically for Australian conditions but is the safest vehicle possible to protect their front-line members,” said Michael Filazzola, executive director of sales.

“This announcement continues Holden’s long association with Victoria Police, which began over 70 years ago and we are honoured to be able to continue this partnership.

“We’re excited to see the new ‘divvy vans’ out on the road and we’re sure Victorian police officers will enjoy driving them.”


After the retirement of the Holden Commodore, the Colorado appears to have been the logical next choice for the new police divisional van, especially with the 4X4 capability without having to change anything between models.

Article from Pat Callinan’s 4X4 Adventures

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Comments 4

  1. They choose the Holden again? Have we not learnt from other states that are blowing them up? How about Vicpol for once consult the actual members using them. There are so many better options out there. Ranger Hilux Amarok. Guess Vicpol and Holden are still in bed together.

    1. Rangers catching on fire ,electrical probs,front suspension collapsing ,brake problems and gearboxes crapping themselves,Hiluxes unstable.Amaroks with electrical problems diff and gearboxes packing up .Really logical choices over the tried and true Isuzu based platform Colorado even if it does have an italian motor.

  2. Greater ground clearance for improved visibility. What a load of rubbish. Already higher than the vehicles they are replacing. Just what people driving cars not SUV or something else to restrict their visibility.

  3. What do you know Jarrod, the Colarado is as good if not better then the other vehicles you have named and whats the matter with being in bed.

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