Hema 4wd Adventures Guide

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The best way to make it through the 9-5 workday, let alone work year, is by having trips away planned to schedule in some well-deserved R&R. No one wants to go away on a dud of a holiday, or be unprepared, which is where the team at Hema Maps steps in. They have just released their new 4WD Adventures guide, listing Australia’s top 100 tracks and trips for you to do. Spread out over 19 chapters, there is a trip for everyone no matter where you live or are planning on travelling through. The trips in the guide cover everywhere from Tasmania to outback Queensland, so it’s safe to say this is a comprehensive guide of must-see Australian destinations. While it’s still up to you to plan the nitty gritty of your adventure, the Hema 4WD Adventures guide will make sure your trip is a successful one. This could be the perfect present for anyone wanting to tick a few of those bucket list adventures. Or even better, add a few more to the list that you never knew existed.

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