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You may have seen an announcement from the NSW Government recently about development of an iconic area of Lithgow in the Blue Mountains into an Eco-Tourism precinct.

This has certainly divided opinion with some applauding the announcement, and others concerned about what it actually may mean for recreational access to the area for groups like 4WDers.

Our mates at 4WD NSW and ACT Inc. are part of the planning process for this project, and looking to ensure that the views, ideas, and concerns of 4WDers are considered in the development.

This is your chance to have your say on how this all happens.  But you need to hurry because the first meeting regarding the project is on December 3.

To share your thoughts, ideas, and concerns, email, or comment below.

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Comments 6

  1. I think it’s gone too far. More and more areas are closing and for what? Areas that remain open to 4wd are actually being used and enjoyed by families. You only have to look at the NSW snowy mountains unless you are able to walk and are fit nobody else can enjoy the area because there are gates everywhere. Vehicle access needs to be left open there’s plenty of room for everybody in this big country stop catering to the minority and putting gates up everywhere. For some of us it’s the only way we get to see the areas. Take a leaf from Victoria’s book and see how well managed, respected and looked after the high country is. As soon as you cross the Murray you see straight away how superior the management and well run VIC Parks are compared to our policed state of NSW. The can’t be bothered looking after an area so gate it off has to be stopped.

  2. In the news article it stated that there would be 200000 people a year using the park, thats 16666 per month or 3846 people per week.
    I’m not sure where they get their figures sounds awfully high

  3. Would be nice if they consulted with the 4WD groups in the same way they do with the green groups so there is some balance to this in looking after and sharing the environment

  4. I think it’s good to have an adventure park – BUT – leave the tracks alone to vehicle access, which includes registered motorbikes. I don’t have a problem with wanting to clean up the area, unfortunately there are too many idiots and yahoos who leave a mess, so stamp that out but leave access for the rest of us responsible people.

  5. I go to Lithgow area a few times a year from Sydney. The majority of people do the the right thing . So it would be real unfortunate if they start restricting access because of a few people who leave their rubbish around and tear up the tracks. As stated above there are people who can’t walk in so access would only be to the lucky few. I thought the bush belonged to all Australians?

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