Loading the Caravan Correctly

Guide: Loading your caravan correctly

Article from RV Daily, episode 8.

Packing up the van isn’t as simple as chucking everything in – there should be a method behind the madness, or else your van could become unstable as a result of uneven weight distribution. This can make the van unsafe to drive, particularly when turning corners. In this episode, we provide some useful tips on how to pack certain items, from the heavy stuff like generators and barbecues, to fragile items like cutlery. We also discuss the importance of making sure that everything is secure, this includes cupboards, doors and window latches, as well as all your gear.

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  1. please explain to me how with modern caravan design where most have a large void in the middle [kitchen & seating] & most storage is either back or front or both , how can you put the weight over the axles ,as there are no tie down points provide & even with a rubber mat things will still move & damage the interior,something I think most owners will want to avoid ,I’m sure owners will not remove items from safe storage positions which restrict movement to a place where in a emergency braking or rough road situation they are free to move around, Another point is if travelling & free camping it is not possible to travel with full water tanks ,so do you empty the water out to travel ?oh but what do you do for water on arrival. Also most caravans have their water tanks as close to the centre of the van & are usually as low as possible so don’t present a problem.

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