GIVEAWAY ENDS TODAY! Darche’s new Eclipse 270° Awning

You do not want to miss the chance to win one of the hottest releases of 2017 – the Darche Eclipse 270° Awning.

With over $1600 of value, you will be the envy of the campsite everywhere you set up.

Entries close August, click the image below to enter. Good luck!

Darche comp button


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    1. Hi Jayne,

      The competition ends at the end of August so if you were to win you would expect it to be delivered at some point in September.


    1. Hi Daniel,

      Please follow this link, select your state and you will see a list of specialist stores. It would pay to call ahead as they are in very high demand at the moment.


    1. Hi Arthur,

      If you would like to unsubscribe from our e-mails, there is a button at the bottom of each weekly send.


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  1. Wow makes the fox swing look tinny, looks to have you covered all round.
    Room for the swag, chair and a mate or too. awesome with side walls for that extra protection when things get cold and wet. To put it simple
    Well thought out
    Well designed

  2. I think this is the only way to go, it gives great shade & protection from the elements, quick to pack/unpack
    well done!

  3. This would be awesome at my campsite, might need to buy a sago ladder to reach my roof racks so I can set it up though hahaha

  4. Thanks Club 4X4. Did you realize that above the keyboard 4 is $. That means the uppercase of the 4×4 is $x$ =opportunity for a fun getaway & with shade.

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  5. I checked out the new awning out at the 4×4 show in Melbourne, they look great!…I’ll just have to remove one of my two other Darche awnings to fit it! ; )

  6. This would be ” the best idea ” for our family to enjoy a little weekend in the scrub. Who will fight to use this tent first, mum and dad and the rest of this adventures crew.

  7. This would be ” the best idea” for our family to enjoy a little weekend in the scrub. Who will fight to use this tent first, Mum And Dad and the rest of this adventuress crew.

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