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Article from Unsealed 4×4. Here are some of the latest 4X4 accessories that are sure to keep the four-wheel drivers in your family happy. ARB Slide Kitchen ARB has just launched a brand-new product to …

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Jan 20 2021
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Article from Unsealed 4×4.

Here are some of the latest 4X4 accessories that are sure to keep the four-wheel drivers in your family happy.

ARB Slide Kitchen

ARB has just launched a brand-new product to market that makes its modular drawer systems that much more modular. The new ARB Slide Kitchen fits into the standard ARB Drawer System and includes a benchtop, gas stove, utensil drawer and kitchen sink. The new drawer is a full-extension, freestanding drawer that also includes an auto-locking mechanism that stops the drawer from rolling closed while in use – handy if you park the four-wheel drive nose down. The drawer features a 1250mm stainless steel bench-top and has a 30kg load limit so it’ll take a bit of weight for those of us who get to cook for an extended family.

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Included with the ARB Slide Kitchen is a three-burner Thetford stove, which has a tempered glass top that also doubles as a splash-back while in use. The new Thetford stove also has ‘Flame-Out’ technology that automatically cuts off gas flow if the flame were to blow out, or when the lid is closed on the stove. The kitchen comes with a 12-litre collapsible sink with plug that also doubles as a drying rack for when you’re done cooking and the kids (yeah, right) are on clean-up duty. This stores away neatly in the utensil drawer while not in use too.

If you’re not planning on running the kitchen full-time, or you use the drawers in the back of your rig for day-to-day life, then you can even get an optional replacement drawer that can be swapped out quickly and easily in place of the ARB Slide Kitchen.

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Club 4x4 Image
Club 4x4 Image

Worth a mention here too, if you’ve got the ARB Outback Solutions drawers already, the new ARB Slide Kitchen can be integrated into them as well, saving you having to replace your well-loved drawers in the back of your rig.

Pricing of the new ARB Slide Kitchen is set at $2795 (East Coast Metro) and includes the kitchen and outside housing for the single drawer. As we said above, you can run this with the ARB Outback drawers you already have as a pair, or run it by itself. It all depends on how you have the back of your rig set up.

RRP: $2795 (East Coast Metro)Website: ARB

Redarc BCDC mounting-bracket range expands

The mounting brackets, that suit the Redarc BCDC range, assist with the installation of the units at the front of the vehicle, ensuring they stay cool and with the best possible airflow for our hot Australian conditions. Redarc has just added the Mitsubishi Triton MR diesel and Pajero models (2019-onwards) with the BCDCMB-009 model bracket, as well as the BCDCMB010 to suit the Nissan GU Patrol Series 4-9 models in diesel variant (01/2005 – 04/2016).

The brackets are vehicle-specific, which ensures that the sizing and mounting placement is perfect for the secure fitment of the BCDC charging range within the engine bay. Aside from having the unit in front of the radiator in the fresh air, it also removes any need to drill holes or make up custom brackets as part of a dual-battery install. This will save both time and money, allowing a bolt-on professional install.

Aside from the new additions, the entire range of Redarc BCDC mounting brackets consists of:

Part NumberVehicle SuitabilityBCDCMB-001Toyota LandCruiser 200 (11/2008-onward)BCDCMB-002Toyota LandCruiser 70 (03/2007-onwards)BCDCMB-003Toyota LandCruiser Prado 150 (10/2009-onwards)BCDCMB-004Toyota HiLux (03/2005-9/2015)BCDCMB-005Toyota HiLux (10/2015-onwards)BCDCMB-006Isuzu D-MAX (06/2012- MY2019) & Holden Colorado RG (10/2015-onwards)BCDCMB-007Universal Mounting KitBCDCMB-008Toyota LandCruiser 100, J100 Series (1998 – 2000), J105 Series (1998-2007)*NEW* BCDCMB-009Mitsubishi Triton MR Diesel & Pajero QE/QF (2019 onwards)*NEW* BCDCMB-010Nissan Patrol Y61 GU Series 4-9 Diesel (01/2005 – 04/2016)

Built in Australia and proudly bearing the Australian-made logo, the new BCDC mounting brackets and chargers are tested for the harshest conditions, meaning they will work in the extremes of the outback to the alpine region and not let you down. Like all Redarc products, the BCDC mounting brackets and charger range come with nation-wide support, including a two-year hassle-free warranty and after-sales service to answer any questions.

For more information visit

Ironman Foam Cell Pro suspension for Mitsubishi Triton

Ironman 4X4 has released a new Foam Cell Pro Suspension kit to suit Mitsubishi ML, MN, MQ and MR Triton models that, when coupled with Ironman’s Pro-Forge Upper Control Arms, results in a full 50mm lift.

Foam Cell Pro twin tube shock absorbers feature a 45mm piston, a 65mm body, a 20mm piston rod and a 3mm wall thickness… and, of course, foam cell technology. The shocks are offered in a range of valving specs with unique compression and rebound damping characteristics: Comfort, for a lightly accessorised vehicle and a soft ride; Performance, for a moderately accessorised vehicle and a “versatile” ride; and Professional, for a heavily accessorised vehicle and a “strong controlled” ride.

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Club 4x4 Image

The ADR-compliant Pro-Forge Upper Control Arms allow for optimised wheel alignment by correcting suspension geometry after a lift, with up to 4°+ of caster correction. Manufactured from high strength forged 6082 T6 alloy, they also provide more clearance for fitment of larger wheels and tyres, have integrated bump stops with removable trim packers for high-lift applications and have integrated provision for sensor wire and brake hoses.

The new Mitsubishi Triton suspension kits are available at Ironman 4X4 distributors across Australia.

RRP: From $3160Website: Ironman 4X4

Multidrive Technology Child Restraint Anchor for Toyota LandCruiser 79 Double Cab pick-up

Despite its five-seat capacity, you might be surprised to know that you can’t fit a child seat in the back of a Toyota LandCruiser 79 Double Cab… unless you fit a Multidrive Technology (MDT) Child Restraint Anchor Bracket, that is.

That’s right! Due to its commercial-vehicle origins, even the top-spec LC79 GXL variant is not equipped with OEM child restraint points, but MDT has an ADR-compliant and tested solution. With an MDT Child Restraint Anchor Bracket installed to the rear support pillar of the LC79 Double Cab, there are three secure points of attachment for certified child-seating products.

The MDT bracket has been independently verified by a third-party engineer who tested both the LandCruiser’s OEM rear seat as well as the child restraint anchor bracket. As a result the product is certified to ADR 34/03 requirements. MDT states that post-fitment engineering certification may be required in some states, but this made easy thanks to the supplied test-data report extract.

The MDT anchor bracket is supplied in kit form with easy to follow installation instructions, and it can be either self-fitted or fitted by a workshop in around 30 minutes. Importantly, whilst drilling is required, it remains internal, which means no leaks and no rust.

The MDT anchor bracket is supplied with all fitting hardware including the bracket itself, fasteners, three child seat anchors and documentation, including comprehensive step-by-step fitting instructions complete with pictures to make the job as easy as possible.

The MDT anchor bracket also fits with aftermarket rear wall/sub panel kits and ensures full usage of the floor space behind the rear seats is retained.

The MDT child seat anchor bracket undergoing testing for ADR certification.

RRP: $495Website: Multidrive Technology

TJM Toyota HiLux accessories

TJM has new Toyota HiLux owners covered thanks to a range of new products including bull bars, under-vehicle protection, side rails and steps, rear-step tow bars, suspension systems and more.

“The 2020 HiLux has bold new design cues and modern features that make it more capable than ever,” Matt Logan, TJM’s head of customer experience said. “The TJM product range has been designed to complement everything that makes the HiLux so desirable, right the way through from its looks to its off-road capability.”

From front to back, TJM has the new Toyota HiLux covered.

TJM has developed Chaser and Outback bull bars to suit the new HiLux. The Chaser features a channel design and aggressive angles that give the HiLux a bold look and vastly improved off-road angles. The outback is an all-steel bull bar with 63mm-diameter tubing, all-new rolled ‘cato straps’ and a multi-fold channel designed to maximise impact strength. Both bars come standard with 8000kg rated recovery points, and TJM says that both ADR-compliant bull bars are compatible with the HiLux’s vehicle safety systems. Both bars will be available from December 2020.

TJM has also developed underbody protection to suit the new HiLux, as well as steel side bars, side steps and a rear-step tow bar. And to improve performance in dusty conditions or when tackling water crossings, there’s also a new Airtec snorkel to suit HiLux.

TJM suspension systems are designed to improve ride, handling, safety and load-carrying capability.

For HiLux owners who want to upgrade ride, handling, safety and load-carrying capability, TJM offers XGS and Pace suspension upgrades. The XGS kits come with TJM’s twin-tube shocks with multi-stage velocity sensitive valving while the Pace kits come with monotube remote reservoir shocks with a 52mm diameter piston and eight stage compression and rebound damping adjustability. TJM also offers a GVM upgrade for the new HiLux (available with either XGS or Pace dampers) that increases GVM by up to 450kg, from 3050kg to 3500kg.

TJM stores also carry other gear to suit the new HiLux including Aeroklas twin-skin ABS canopies, Aeroklas cargo drawers, the Aeroklas tailgate assist, the Aeroklas roller cover and the Aeroklas ute liner.

For full details head to the TJM website.

SmartBar Under Vehicle Armour for Ford Ranger and Everest, and Mazda BT-50

The new SmartBar UVA (Under Vehicle Armour) system is designed to replace the OE skid pan on various Ford Ranger and Everest models, as well as the previous-generation Mazda BT-50.

The SmartBar UVA is manufactured from non-corrosive UV-stabilised crosslink polymer and it features a deep rib structure to ensure strength across the entire protection panel. This is the same tough and proven material used in the manufacture of ARB Frontier long-range fuel tanks.

As well as offering increased protection against impacts to under-vehicle components including inner CV joints, SmartBar says the vehicle-specific design has been styled to complement vehicle aesthetics of Ford Ranger PX, PXII and PXIII models, the Ford Everest, as well as Mazda BT-50 models from Oct 2011-Mar 2020. In addition, the UVA is compatible with OE bumper bars, ARB bull bars, the SmartBar SpartanBar and the SmartBar StealthBar. It is also compatible with ARB recovery points.

One of the greatest benefits of the UVA is its light weight when compared with similar steel-plate products; it weighs in at just 8.6kg fitted, which SmartBar says results in improved fuel economy and reduced tyre, suspension and brake wear. The UVA comes with reinforcing brackets to protect the vehicle’s transfer case and, as the crosslink polymer material can revert to its original shape after impact, it offers the advantage of minimal repair costs.

The UVA’s crosslink polymer material is also heat resistant, and the company says exhaust temperatures will not affect it, adding that DPF regeneration can be performed with the product installed.

Additionally, SmartBar says the under vehicle armour is easy to disassemble for vehicle servicing access; it comprises three pieces that have each been designed for easy removal to allow for individual access to different parts of the vehicle for servicing.

RRP: $980Website: SmartBar UVA

James Baroud Falcon 250 Awning

The James Baroud Falcon 250 Awning comes from a European company best known for producing top-quality rooftop tents, but it also manufacturers other vehicle-based camping products as you can see here.

Sure, the Falcon Awning ain’t cheap at $2810, but it’s also no ordinary awning. James Baroud says the Falcon 250 is 100 per cent waterproof… and it’s also backed by a two-year warranty.

The Falcon awning is made from UV and heat reflective insulating canvasses, and James Baroud says the easy and quick set-up is a genuine one-person operation. Once set up, the awning provides an impressive 10 square metres of shade, with a huge covered space down the side of the vehicle and plenty of covered area around the back.

The tunnel system provides weather proof access from the awning to the tent.

The Falcon 250 can even be used as a free-standing awning when optional support legs are added, although it has primarily been designed to work with James Baroud rooftop tents. As such, a clever and unique tunnel system is claimed to provide totally weatherproof entry from the awning to the rooftop tent.

Furthermore, optional Falcon 250 walls provide a fully weatherproof enclosure.

As well as the Falcon 250, James Baroud offers a range of more traditional awnings.

RRP: $2810 + freightWebsite: James Baroud

Mean Mother 2-in-1 digital deflator and tyre-pressure gauge kit

Tyre pressures are crucial to the safe and economic running of your vehicle, and this Mean Mother digital deflator and tyre-pressure kit is a sure way to make sure they’re set right. After all, it’s one thing running the right pressures on the road; you know what the pressures are meant to be, you see them and off you go. You may keep an eye on things with a tyre pressure monitoring system while underway – so far, all standard operation.

However, when you head off the bitumen, and into varied off-road terrain, you need to be a bit more judicious with your pressures to make sure you keep moving in terms of traction, as well as to reduce puncture risk and track damage from running at road pressures.

Enter the tyre deflator, a device used to reduce the air pressure in your tyre to a predetermined number. And if you used a stick as your deflator, or a bought one without any way of definitely knowing your new pressure, then you still need a pressure gauge to read the numbers in your rubber.

The new Mean Mother digital 2 in 1 deflator set takes care of all of this juggling by combining two functions in one device, and this new one is a digital version of the analogue predecessor of the same name.

It’s not complicated. You have a 60mm easy-to-read digital pressure readout housed within a tough rubber surround in case you drop it, and the pressures can be read in psi, kPa and bar – right up to 200psi. The gauge is attached to a braided stainless-steel hose. You can simply use the unit as a gauge to read the pressure of your tyres, or you can swap out the brass adaptors to add-in the deflator component. This then allows you to screw the deflator to the tyre’s valve stem and you can have a rapid air escape to the desired new pressure all while easily checking it with your digital gauge that’s still connected. Both the tyre deflator and gauge adaptor are made from brass and offer a quick-release operation.

All this saves time swapping between two devices and having to reconnect each time. If you have four vehicle tyres and up to four on the trailer to do, it all adds up – as anyone who has travelled as a group will know. And of course, you know how important it is to make sure you reduce the trailer tyres when towing, too.

So, the original Mean Mother deflator and gauge kit was a genuine two uses for the price of one concept – it’s just gone digital. If you’re using the unit as a pressure gauge only then there’s a pressure release button on the stem.

All this is supplied with a handy stage pouch to keep it safely in your glovebox or wherever you keep your tools for quick access on the road.

Words: Tim Scott

RRP:$69.95Website: Mean Mother

ARB Pressure Control Module

With ARB’s new Pressure Control Module you can now air up and down from your phone. The system consists a Bluetooth module that allows hands-free operation of an air compressor during the inflation or deflation process. To air up or down, simply plug the hose into the compressor and the tyre, and operate the compressor via your phone using ARB’s Compressor Connect app.

This technology has been previously available to users of ARB’s innovative LINX interface, but ARB engineers have now developed it as a standalone system, so anyone with a smartphone can access the technology.

The app allow users to set a target pressure as well as save up to four custom preset pressures for common uses, such as when driving on sand, gravel, rocks or the blacktop. The Bluetooth module allows for air to be pumped into the tyre, or let out of the tyre, until it reaches the desired pressure setting. The app then advises the user through their phone, via a vibration and/or an audio alert, that the correct pressure has been achieved. The Pressure Control Module obviously does away with the need for a tyre pressure gauge.

The Compressor Connect app is available for iOS or Android devices.

RRP: $300 (Australian East Coast metro)Website: ARB

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