Ford ‘Science of Truck’ Ranger uses Non-Standard Tyres in Challenge

‘The Science of Truck’: a smart phrase that Ford’s marketing side has coined, where they are looking to marry up mechanical toughness and sharp electronic aids as the ultimate ute.

It’s a slick piece of marketing by Ford, but the first thing I noticed was the tyres: ‘they’re not standard’, I thought. ‘They look like BF Goodrich All Terrains’. I watched the video, and was impressed by the combination of action and technological explanation. Like I said, slick marketing for the 2nd best-selling 4X4 ute in Australia.

Part-way through the video, a small blip of text pops up, saying “Overseas Ranger WildTrak Model shown with aftermarket tyres”. I think this points out that the standard tyres fitted to a Ranger, some passenger-construction highway terrain, simply aren’t up to the task of serious off-road work. If they can’t make a climb when a vehicle sitting close to GVM, then in my opinion, they aren’t fit for purpose. Let’s be honest, OEM 4X4 tyres are more often than not just a bad combination of chasing good off-road manners and a low price.

If I started harping on again about the importance of a quality tyre with a strong, light-truck construction, you’d probably reach through that screen and punch me in the throat. This little detail, revealed in Ford’s own promotion material, just seems to vindicate it. If you haven’t seen the video footage, check it out below.

On another note, I’d have to voice my concerns against putting your driveline under heavy duress in reverse. The way that gears mesh together, in your differentials particularly, have a ‘strong’ side and a ‘weak’ side. Towing, dragging or recovering something in reverse, especially in low-range is never a good idea.

What do you think? Are you happy with OEM-spec tyres on your 4X4? Or do you think they need replacement straight off the bat?


This article was originally posted by Mr4X4.


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Comments 3

  1. Being a Ranger owner I put a reasonable set of A/T’s on the vehicle off the bat & have clocked up around 70k’s, there about done now but have been good with both highway & semi rough off road (20-30%) use including some moderate weight towing. My previous vehicle also came with standard road tyres which where great on the black top but left a bit to be desired on any dirt & where changed well before their use by date to facilitate my mild off road escapades. Any 4×4 should come standard with at least A/T’s, your right on the money, keep banging away & eventually the manufacturers might get the hint? Regards Sal-

  2. You are on the money! So many capable 4x4s, fitted with all the technology for going offroad, are let down by tyres designed for the suburbs and not the bush. It makes no sense at all to me that my new 4×4 came with low range, diff lock etc., but tyres which are designed for highway use.

    There was a time you could change over the brand new tyres for better ones without spending too much, before taking delivery, but with the last two new 4x4s suggesting this has been met by a polite “no” . None of the major tyre suppliers seems interested in a trade in either, so you have to sell privately the tyres that you don’t want, and at a fair sort of loss.

    Of course I get that many buy a 4×4 with no actual intention of going bush, but it would seem to me that makers should offer an option on tyres: H/T for those who want them, and a good LT A/T as an option. Tick the boxes for cargo barrier, tow kit, front bar etc, and tyres to suit, and drive away with what you actually want.

  3. I can’t believe the bad choices made with tyres especially by govt departments.
    I have tried the maxxis and BFG Goodrich products and wasn’t very impressed with safety on wet roads , then I tried a set of hangkook dynapro mud tyres which blew my socks off . I estimate 250% better grip on wet asphalt ,wet rock and clay . They are also impressive on dry roads too . They probably won’t give as many k’s of life but I don’t care , I would rather have a vehicle that stops when I want it to and doesn’t slide all over the road when it rains.
    Govt put BFG on every SES and police 4WD . What is it with govt ? They seem to stuff up everything they touch ?

    ** I don’t have any affiliation with any tyre company**

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