Electric-Powered HiLux Within Six Years: Confirmed by Toyota

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As the pre-election mudslinging ramps up between the two major political parties, Toyota have confirmed we will have an electric-powered HiLux within six years.

Toyota aims to sell some 5.5 million electric vehicles annually by 2030, and offer an electrified version of all its models by 2025. In a statement released by Toyota Australia, the company has confirmed they are on track to hit this target. The most important part, is that this includes the Toyota HiLux.

“Toyota has a global ambition of zero CO2 emissions from sites and vehicles by 2050 and Toyota Australia is part of that mission,” the statement said. Beyond the statement, we have no details on the electric HiLux, except that it is absolutely coming.

Despite the continual ‘naysayers’ on the electric vehicle front, technology is nevertheless pushing ahead, and moving away from fossil fuels. A great deal of interest has been shown recently in new technology ‘super-capacitors’ that will allow much faster charging, and recuperation of energy with regenerative braking.

Indeed, charging times are currently as low as eight minutes for some current-release EVs at power charging stations, which are becoming popular across the country’s coast (ABB and Tritium are two companies behind the super-fast chargers). Queensland itself has an Electric Super Highway with charging points every 200 or so kilometres all the way up the coast from Toowoomba to Cairns. At this stage, they offer up to 50kW chargers, which can recharge a vehicle within about an hour.

Still, to power the EVs, there remains the requirement for coal-fired power stations; however, renewable energy in the form of solar and wind turbines continues to grow every year.

On paper the idea sounds great, especially with the torque and power figures coming from manufacturers of electric vehicles, however we will have to wait and see if the industry can hit the fabled 1000km range mark before a lot of the naysayers will eat their hat.

2018 Toyota HiLux Rugged, Rugged X and Rogue
A HiLux … but electric?

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Comments 4

  1. If THEY say that renewable energy products are that good then why is it the stock pile of waste is growing from the items being replaced and no one can recycle- especially the PV panels- without creating more pollutants and noxious chemicals to wreck the atmosphere. At least it is known what coal does.

    They got rid of asbestos because it was a known killer, now recycling of renewable waste will possibly be the next nasty.

  2. Check out the Chargefox fast charge station recently installed in Barnawartha. Uses 100% renewable energy.
    The HiLux is still 5 to 6 years away but there’s other utes arriving on our shores a lot sooner. American made Rivian are planning on releasing in Australia next year. With the skateboard platform the ute is built on, they say right hand conversion will be cheap & easy. Ford have also just invested $500mil into them as well so I think we’ll see a lot of traction on this one.
    On the other end of the scale, I believe Great Wall are also planning on releasing an EV ute in Australia next year.
    The industry predictions are saying EV vehicles will be as cheap or cheaper than IC vehicles within the next couple of years & that will be the game changer.
    I’m actually looking forward to what my options are going to be in 5 years when it’s time to upgrade my D-Max.

  3. Jee wizz, isn’t that great, we can travel up the queensland coast in our greens’ sanctioned vehicle with 1 hour stops every 200 km.
    Now let me see, if I take my annual holidays to go up (and down) the coast I will need to take some long service leave to be able to spend any time at my destination – wow, great, and don’t forget the faster you charge the batteries with current technologies the shorter their life, but as Trevor alluded to the waste / recycling problems will naturally be addressed later and of course it will give our useless politicians mud to sling at each other and without which our system of government cannot function.

  4. Toyota just got through telling the media only last week (Sky News specifically) in response to bill shortens BS of “talking to toyota”, his non understanding of electric vehicles, and their capacities that they wont be introducing these vehicles in the foreseeable future, it will be interesting to see who speaking more BS in this matter

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