Decked Ute Bed Storage System

Article from Unsealed4x4

Having a ute seems perfect when you need to haul oversized items around that are fine in the open air, however when you need to start using your ute as storage for tools and supplies to go camping, it can prove an issue. The team at Decked have come up with a solution to this in the form of their Ute Bed Storage System, claiming its payload is up to one tonne. Made from heavy-duty HDPE and steel, the storage system is completely waterproof, keeping all your important gear safe and dry. It also enables you to organise your gear so you always know where to find the right tool, even that mischievous 10mm spanner. The Decked storage system incorporates the wheel arches in your tray, so you have the full width of your tray above the drawers to put larger items. It’s simple to install and remove when needed; all you need is a screwdriver and a rough idea of how to read pictures. The Decked Ute Bed Storage System is available for almost all of the popular dual-cabs on the market at the moment.

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